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Professional Picks: 6 Motocross Riding Essentials

With the Supercross series being as close to many of us will ever get to the current generation of greats on the track, when the tour recently passed through our hometown, we took the opportunity to find out exactly what the pros choose to suit up in as they headed out for dirt bike battle. Though sponsors do dictate some of the options at this high level, the riders stand by their gear and believe in its ability to perform on the big stage.

There really is no shortage of gear, accessories, schawg, or accoutrements that can be purchased and layered on before lining up for a race, with the main goal of helping to keep you safe so you can line up again next weekend. Every brand in the industry is putting something out there and labeling it the best, so we went straight to the top to find out what the best performers in the game are and why the leading riders choose to use them. Check out the following list of the best motocross gear that the pros use and get yourself suited up for the race.

Thor Void Hype Gloves

Aaron Plessinger

Keeping your mittens protected while on the track is no joke, but Aaron Plessinger knows how to have a little fun and games when he straps on his Thor Void Hype Kitn gloves. Built to be lightweight and comfortable, the stretchable back panel provides optimal airflow for warmer weather days, though the feather lite glove still keeps your paws safe if you take a tumble. The palm features a printed high friction graphic for extra touchy lever feel, and the quick entry slip-on cuff makes slapping on these mittens a cinch. Adorned with neon colored feline faces, these hand covers are sure to garner attention at any starting line, and hopefully the winner’s circle.

Purchase: $21

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

Eli Tomac

From the gate drop to the checkered flag, there is never a time that goggles aren’t necessary while on a motocross track, even for guys like Eli Tomac that spend the majority of their time at the front of the pack. Roost coming off a hot rear wheel will propel all types of aggregate matter towards your peepers, and for Eli there is no better set of riding eyewear than the Oakley Airbrake MX goggles. Using Oakley’s premium Prizm lense, which are made from their proprietary Plutonite material that was developed to be highly impact resistant while blocking out 100% of the sun’s UV rays, the Airbrake MX goggles supply superior protection from flying debris and constantly provide highly defined depth perception.

Purchase: $220

Canvas MX Custom Jersey & Pants

Michael Leib

It has been said that if you look good, you’ll feel good; and if you feel good, you’ll race good. Michael Leib knows that looking like a professional can be tough for an up and coming rider, so he created the Canvas MX line of customizable riding pants and jerseys. Start by using their nifty online layout tool to add your chosen sponsor logo, name, or custom artwork onto a blank piece of gear or any of their pre-made designs. The production team at Canvas then prints your graphic on the gear using an all-over dye-sublimation process before hand cutting and sewing the multi-panel garments, ensuring a fantastic fit that will keep you looking like a pro for the long run.

Purchase: $300

Gaerne SG-12 Boots

Tyler Bowers

Anytime you stick your foot out banging through a corner or come down hard on your pegs, your boots are constantly absorbing impacts while keeping a rigid form to prevent injury. Knowing that you have to count on your riding boots to perform, even in the event of a mid-air ejection, Tyler Bowers chooses to put his trust in the Gaerne SG-12 motocross boot. Dual-stage pivoting creates lateral support and creates a shock absorber like effect for soaking up over jumps or large impacts. Removable and replaceable hardware allows for maintenance for those looking to extend the life, but also supports swapping colors for a totally custom look.

Purchase: $495+

Fox V3 Helmet

Chad Reed

There are some pieces of gear you just can’t ride without, and anyone valuing their life will consider a high quality helmet number one on the must have list. With dozens of manufacturers offering hundreds of choices for lids, Chad Reed has long crowned his dome with the Fox V3 because he believes it is the best product on the market. This ultra light helmet packs a whole lotta safety punch, equipped with a MIPS liner and Fox’s exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System, which uses magnets instead of metal hardware to attach the visor to the shell of the helmet for quick release during a crash. Cushioned with a moisture wicking padded liner to keep your head feeling fresh, and cut wide open with 14 intake vents, the V3 is sure to keep you cool when things heat up on the track.

Purchase: $500

CTI OTS Pro Sport Knee Braces

Gage Schehr

In the long run, motocross is a brutal sport that does nothing but serve up beating after beating for the addicted following that continues to crawl back for more. While some of this abuse is par for the course, even the youngsters like Gage Schehr know how vital it is to protect your knees from trauma with Cti OTS Pro Sport Knee Braces. With each brace individually fit to the rider’s leg, the hand-made carbon fiber frame hinges in an anatomically correct motion to provide protection and stability for the ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL. Additionally, padding can be added to make the brace more robust for impacts to the knee, giving an extra level of protection if the need ever arises.

Purchase: $1,270


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