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AKARA STUDIO Is Building Ultra-Detailed 1:64 Scale Vehicle Models


Though once primarily viewed as a hobby for kids, scale model building has experienced a massive influx in popularity in recent years, with highly-skilled adult builders churning out ultra-detailed vehicle models. And while there are plenty of talented individuals working in this space, Bangkok-based outfit AKARA STUDIO has managed to separate itself from the crowd by meticulously crafting insanely-lifelike and detail-rich models constructed at a minuscule 1:64 scale — the same size used on Matchbox cars.

Founded in 2018, AKARA STUDIO manages to deliver exceedingly high levels of detail despite working on such a small scale. The level of realism exhibited by these models is made all the more impressive by the fact that the Thai outfit produces a wide variety of vehicle types, including 1:64 scale models of slammed tuner cars, classic Porsche and Ferrari models, modern hypercars, race vehicles, off-road trucks, bicycles, and even custom and production motorcycles. Painstakingly made entirely by hand, the models are created using a combination of existing off-the-shelf kits and parts, and a collection of bespoke scale elements — including the shockingly accurate liveries that adorn these tiny rides. What’s more, on top of the vehicles themselves, the modeler also goes the extra step to deliver equally realistic accessories, sets, and backgrounds to bring these 1:64 scale creations to life. AKARA further distinguishes itself from other modelers through the use of some particularly clever practical effects for its models, such as utilizing cotton balls to create a 3D model of a car with smoking tires.

The level of detail AKARA STUDIO achieves in their models would be objectively impressive on 1:12 and 1:24 scale projects — let alone on something less than half-the-size. To fully appreciate their work, be sure to check out the firm’s full catalog of builds on their Instagram page.

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