The 50 Best Stocking Stuffers For Men

Whether you and your family set up stockings in your home for the holidays or not, stocking stuffers are always fun to get and give during this time of year. Sometimes the gifts are better qualified as ‘jokes’, or serve as a gentle reminder to your brother in law about his personal hygiene, and then other times stocking stuffers can just as easily be thoughtful and heartfelt.

In preparation for this year’s season, we pulled together a huge list for you to choose from. With everything from simple and classic balsa wood planes for the kids (or the kid at heart) to whiskey glasses and miniature arcades, we are confident you’ll be able to find a little something to put into the stocking this year. Go ahead. Take a scroll through our list of 50 best stocking stuffers and see for yourself.

Jetfire Balsawood Glider

Jetfire Balsawood Glider

Simple is underrated. Not everything you give this season needs to be app-integrated and battery powered. This old-school, American made Jetfire Balsawood plane twin pack is the perfect example as to why. Made from simple cuts of light wood, you can put these together in just seconds, give them a toss, and watch them glide through the house or backyard. Get some for the whole family.


daneson 1

Daneson Bourbon No 22 Toothpicks

Maybe you want to help encourage a friend or loved one to quit smoking, or maybe you just want to give out a bunch of individual gifts to your co-workers or extend family. Whatever the case, these toothpicks from Daneson are a solid grab. Made with barrel aged bourbon whiskey, they are infused with the same kind of complexity and warm feeling that has made so many people fall in love with the drink. No alcohol is left on these little shards of birch, just a little essence of the spirits.

Purchase: $7

Swiss+tech Micro Pocket MultiTool

Swiss+Tech Micro Pocket MultiTool

It never hurts to have a multi-tool on hand. Especially when you can get one for this price. This tiny little thing features 19 different tools, including two hex wrenches, 6 screwdrivers, pliers, a bottle opener, and a wire crimper among many others. Whether you just want to give it to the handyman in your life or that one friend who keeps asking for tools, it’s a great pick – and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $9

Cold Shower Cooling Soap Cubes

Cold Shower Cooling Soap Cubes

Maybe you have a friend in your life who isn’t too great at waking up in the morning. Maybe an athlete who constantly complains about sore muscles. This may be the gift for them. These peppermint oil, menthol, and frescolat-infused bars of soap will give them that cold shower feel without having to turn down the warm water faucet.

Purchase: $10

Bear Paws

Bear Paws

For the griller or the wannabe Wolverine, these Bear Paws are designed to make ripping up your pork or barbecue easy and simple. Just grab them up and pull, shred, and lift. Say goodbye to spending all that time trying to pull your freshly cooked meets apart with a dinky fork.

Purchase: $10

Bullet Bottle Opener

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

This is exactly what it looks like. A big ol’ fifty caliber bullet with the shell drilled out. You may not be popping shots off with this particular bullet, but you’ll most definitely be able to pop off beer and soda caps like nobody’s business. This American made bottle opener makes for a great gift for the shooter in your life.

Purchase: $12

Richer Poorer Onlooker Socks

Richer Poorer Onlooker Socks

Usually, when people talk about Christmas presents that they don’t want to get, socks tops the list. That is only because they haven’t yet worn a pair of socks from Richer Poorer. Made with quality lightweight cotton and featuring an attractive topographical map stitch, these are unique, classy, and comfortable a pair of socks as anyone could hope for.

Purchase: $12

Field notes Expedition 3 Pack

Field Notes Expedition 3 Pack

For as much as everyone seems to love to spending time tapping away at their phones, there are still a whole bunch of adventurers out there who like to put pen to paper. You may even know some of them. If you do, you may want to consider sliding a 3 pack of these Field Notes into their stocking. Made with dot-graph waterproof and tear-proof paper, these 3.5 by 5.5-inch notebooks are good for going along on any trek into the woods.

Purchase: $13

Swiss Army Victorinox Nail Clippers

Swiss Army Victorinox Nail Clippers

Some of the best gifts you can get, especially as you grow older, are the things you need but don’t quite want to spend money on. These nail clippers from Victorinox fall squarely into that category. Made from stainless steel and featuring a nail file, they’ll be a welcome and easy addition to any dopp or grooming kit.

Purchase: $14


Hickies Elastic Shoelaces

Hickies are a relatively new invention, but in the just few years that they’ve gained a lot of clout. Essentially small rubberized bands, they replace the shoelaces on your favorite shoes, making them both easier to slip on and more comfortable for daily wear. A great pick for the moms who are tired of tying shoelaces or the sneaker head looking to add a little flair to their kicks.

Purchase: $15

Harry's Truman Set

Harry’s Truman Set

Harry’s Truman Set (heh, get it?) is one of the few shaving kits for men that are as affordable as they are well made. They come with precision made German blades (three total), an ergonomic handle for easy use, and a Harry’s own foaming shave gel (or shave cream). The best part about it? The replacement blades won’t leave you with empty pockets.

Purchase: $15

Makers Playing Cards

Makers Playing Cards

A good deck of cards is alway a welcome gift. This one from Art of Play? Especially so. These were designed in the U.S. by a small team and then printed out by the U.S. Playing Card Company using a proprietary ‘crushed stock’ process that makes for a more refined and lighter deck of cards. In addition to looking and feeling great in the hand, they come in an incredibly handsome box. Play on.

Purchase: $15

Stanley Adventure Flask

Stanley Adventure Flask

An outdoorsy, and tough flask for the outdoorsman in your family or circle of friends. Made from 18/8 stainless steel it is both naturally BPA free and rust resistant so you can carry your favorite beverage along with you for years to come.

Purchase: $15+

nomad luggage tag

Nomad Luggage Tag

Another great pick that falls into the category of something people need though often don’t want to get for themselves. Made from a tough 20-ounce canvas and featuring brass buckle and a clear plastic packing for writing out your name and contact information, this Nomad Luggage Tag is sure to be a solid gift for the jet setter and traveler.

Purchase: $17

Zippo Chrome Lighters

Zippo Chrome Lighters

An American made classic. This chrome, stonewashed zippo lighter boasts all of the features you’d expect. The classic ‘click’, the windproof shield, replaceable wick and refillable body and of course – the refined look. Whether you are getting it for someone to use it for lighting up some incense or a red, it’ll be sure to last a lifetime and then some.

Purchase: $18

Corkcicle whiskey wedge

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

The corkcicle whiskey wedge chills drinks in a unique and attractive way. The wedge of ice this mold creates has less surface area than your usual block of ice, making it so it melts less and doesn’t water down your booze as quickly. In addition to the practical use of this silicone ice form, it also produces a cut of ice that just looks cool.

Purchase: $18

beard oil

Port Products Conditioning Beard Oil

Beards may make your friends and family look like cavemen, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be happy to get a bit of a beard oil to take care of it. This particular beard oil from Port Products won an award from Men’s Health this year for its ability to soften and smooth the beard while also restoring a balance to the skin underneath. In addition to taking care of the face and scruff, it has a pleasant sandalwood and woodsy scent to it.

Purchase: $18

Opinel Knife

Opinel No. 8 Trekking Knife

Opinel, the French knife company, has been around for well over 100 years and boy do they know how to make a knife. This unique and attractive wooden handled knife features a 3 inch long 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade, a leather lace for carrying, and a Virobloc safety ring for locking open and closed. A great pick for the adventuring kid or the kid at heart.

Purchase: $18

Flash Drive

Kingston 64 GB Flash Drive

This small, tough flash drive is are just as serious as it gets when it comes to keychain storage. With up to 64 Gigs of space fit into a compact and metal case, this thing will stand up to years of rugged use and still be good to go. In fact, Kingston Digital is so sure of this they included afive-year warranty and free technical support with every purchase.

Purchase: $19

Fischer space pen

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen

There is nothing cooler than the Fisher Space Pen. Originally developed for astronauts so they could take notes in zero gravity, these small, sleek pens have become something close to icons. They even made their way into space and have been exhibited at MOMA. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and materials for an incredibly reasonable price as well.

Purchase: $20

Soto Pocket Torch

Soto Pocket Torch

The Soto Pocket Torch turns your plain-old dollar store lighter into a pocket torch capable of producing a wind-resistant flame that reaches up to 2,300 degrees while increasing the life of the lighter by 60 percent. A great add-on for the camper looking to start a fire a little faster or a smoker looking to make those lighters last that much longer.

Purchase: $20

US Mint Quarter

Secret Compartment Quarter

For the aspiring spy in your life, this secret compartment coin is a fun and funny gift. Made from actual U.S. currency, these coins feature tiny little compartments for stowing away all your secrets and keeping them safe from prying eyes. Because they are virtually indistinguishable from other coins, just be sure you don’t accidentally put them in the washing machine or parking meter.

Purchase: $20

Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

For the guy looking to change up his look a little bit this coming year, this matte finish balm is a worthy grab. It separates, defines, and molds thanks to the inclusion of ingredients like clay and beeswax, so wearers can get the exact styling they’ve been looking for.

Purchase: $20

Nomad Lightning Key Fob

Nomad Lightning Key

You never know when you may be pulled away from your charger for a bit longer than you expected, so it helps to have a tool like this key charger from Nomad. This thing fits easily onto your keychain, and can plug right into your laptop, desktop, or wall charger so you can siphon off a bit more juice to get through the rest of the day.

Purchase: $20

Keychain Ducktape

Keychain Duct Tape

Duct tape is so useful it is almost a joke at this point. Break a leg? Duct tape it. In all seriousness though, it is incredibly helpful to have a little bit of duct tape on hand just in case, and this duct tape keychain does just that. Fitted with gorilla tape on a chapstick sized roll, this thing can easily fit into your pocket or belt loop for easy access and can be re-filled in a cinch. An ideal gift for the handyman.

Purchase: $20

Key Smart

Keysmart Compact Key Holder

Think of Keysmart as a kind of swiss army tool for your keys. It easily organizes and stows away up to 8 different keys while still making them easy to access with just a quick flip through. Say goodbye to jingly jangly keychains and wasted minutes standing at the door wondering where you put your house key.

Purchase: $20

Timber Bell

Timber Trail Awareness Mountain Bike Bell

When you are bombing down hills on you bike, the last thing you want to do is take your hands off the handlebars in order to ring a little bell to let people know you are coming. Timber, the trail awareness mountain bike bell, makes it so you can simply flip a switch and it will ring consistently all the way to the bottom of the trail, alerting hikers and critters alike.

Purchase: $20

Carry On Cocktail

Carry On Cocktail Kit

This TSA friendly cocktail mix is an ideal gift for the super-traveler and cocktail aficionado. Each kit contains enough for two separate drinks in an easy to pack kit. Simply order up a drink, pop open the kit, and mix in the ingredients and you’ll be flying high in no time.

Purchase: $24

Tile Mate Key Finder

Tile Mate Key Finder

It happens all the time. You’re rushing to get out of the door, you have your bag, your lunch, your coat…but your keys? Nowhere to be found. If this sounds familiar, or if this story reminded you of someone who you’ll be spending the holidays with – you should consider setting them up with a Tile Mate. It’s a key finder, a phone finder, and really an ‘anything’ finder. If you’ve lost your keys, all you have to do is open up the app on your phone and click find and it’ll give you a GPS location and emit a small sound.

Purchase: $25

Bull And Stash

Bull & Stash Travel Stash

A refined notebook for the writerly friend or family member. This beautiful notebook is meant to keep all of your hopes, fears, and ideas down in one little 50 page refillable bleed resistant paper booklet set in a blemished leather cover. It has a heritage look to it, and thanks to the quality of its build and materials, it is likely to become just that.

Purchase: $25

Gerber EDC

Gerber EDC Money Clip

Who needs a wallet when you have a money clip like this? Made from a steel body coated with titanium nitride, it can fit cash and up to five cards along with an integrated 1.7 inch long blade. When you want to use the blade, just hold down on the locks and pull out. For solid grip the knife comes with a finger hole and a thumb grip. Who would’ve thought, a money clip that really protects your cash.

Purchase: $26

Grenade Grips

Grenade Grips

Training grip strength can be kind of difficult and a little awkward. Do you really want to just stand there squeezing some grip machine or just hang from a pull up bar until you fall off? These grenade grips from RBW fitness let you train your grip strength while doing any of your weighted exercises. Lifting barbells, using push-up or pull-up bars, and even as cable attachments. Pick up a pair for the fitness freak.

Purchase: $24

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass 4 Pack

Any whisky aficionado knows – having the right glass can really help bring out the flavors in a pour. In fact, some say it can even elevate an already great whisky. The Glencairn whisky glass is particularly well regarded for its ability to do just that. So much so that this lead free crystal has won the Queens Award in 2006 for Innovation. Not bad for a stocking stuffer.

Purchase: $25

Key Safe

Tin Mill Key Safe

A simple pick, but a useful one for those looking to keep an extra bit of cash on hand. This little safe is machined from 304 stainless steel and is then sand-blasted for a smooth matte finish. Corrosion resistant and water tight, it’s a great keychain add-on that will keep your valuables safe and out of sight.
Purchase: $25

Nuko Tools Punch Ring

Fatboy G10 Nuko Punchring

NukoTools’ Fatboy G10 Punchring is a simple but effective self defense tool built for easy carry. It’s made from a non-metallic G10 fiberboard – so it won’t set off metal detectors – and is an easy and light carry. It includes a single hole for keyring attachment and another hole for placing your finger through. Watch out, Santa.

Purchase: $25

Bestmade Brass Box

Best Made Solid Brass Box

A great gift for the person you know likes to keep everything in its right place. This little stash can is made from pure, solid brass and is great for storing your most used office tools or – if you are so inclined – a bit of tobacco or whatever else you may choose. Due to the brass build on these, they will patina, so it is best to use them often and rough them up to get that unique green look to them.

Purchase: $28

Cord Taco

Cord Taco 5-Pack

These all leather handmade cord tacos are built to clasp cords and keep them organized in your bag, pocket, or desk so you won’t have to spend a minute trying to untangle them in order to actually listen to your music or take a call. Each one of these American made cord organizers come with a little clasp for snapping them shut and the brand imprint to boot.

Purchase: $29

griffin pocket tool 0

Griffin Pocket Tool

Multi tools are great. Multi tools that are small enough to bring with you anywhere? Even better. The Griffin Pocket tool incorporates 11 different tools, ranging from a bottle opener to four hex drivers and a flathead screwdriver, into one small package. It’ll be a tool you’ll be happy to bring along with you day after day.

Purchase: $30

Pint Granite

Granite Camping Pint

For the camper who has that gross cup they keep bringing along year after year, you may want to consider this gift. It’s made from a special food grade double walled stainless steel that helps insulate beverages from both heat and cold so it’ll stay at the right temperature longer. For while you are on the trail, you can pop the top off, but while you are back at camp the bottom screws off and acts like a base of a very large wine glass. And who doesn’t like a really large wine glass?

Purchase: $32

safety razor

Double Edge Safety Razor

Maybe you want to give a bit of a hint to the heavily bearded among your klan, or maybe you want to just give the gift of tried and true grooming to the men in your life. Either way, giving the gift of the Parker 99R straight razor will more than do the trick. It’s a classically designed shaver that comes with 5 super chrome blades for getting that barber-shop quality close shave.

Purchase: $32


Google Chromecast

Cutting the chord has never been simpler than just plugging in Google’s Chromecast. This device allows you to stream shows from Hulu, CBS, video from Youtube, and music from spotify, pandora, and google play music. It’s an intuitive and useful add on that even the older members of your family will have an easy time learning to use.

Purchase: $35

Pixel Keychain Flashlight

Tec Accessories Pixel Keychain Flashlight

Fumbling for your keys in the dark, or trying to find that nail you dropped with your phone light will be a thing of the past with the Pixel Keychain Flashlight. This small 2 inch long light can put out up to 25 lumens – a pretty impressive stat for a flashlight so small. Thanks to its stainless steel build, it’s water resistant and tough enough to throw on your keychain for everyday carry.

Purchase: $36

Money Clip Maxx And Unicorn

Maxx & Unicorn Money Clip

Ditching wallets altogether is an increasingly common trend. When you can pay for so much with a tap of a phone, why bother bringing one along? Max And Unicorn’s Money Clip is a solid half-step for becoming that tech-minimalist so many people seem to be aspiring towards. Hand bent, engraved, and tumbled in Brooklyn, this solid brass money clip will look good in any pocket.

Purchase: $38

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables

Charging cables are really underrated when you consider the fact that without them, your fancy phones will be nothing more than a particularly expensive piece of plastic, metal, and glass. Nomad’s Ultra Rugged Cables offer the same kind of longevity and performance you’d want from your phone. They are lined with kevlar, hefty cordura, and feature an in-line battery to protect from surges and provide you with a little extra juice when far away from an outlet.

Purchase: $40

Leatherhead baseball 0

Leather Head Lemon Ball Baseball

Admittedly a bit fancier than a normal baseball, but a fun one to throw around the backyard all the same. It’s made with genuine Horween chromoexcel leather, a material that is both expensive and sought after by makers due to how well it ages and the pleasant aroma it gives off. Get one for the baseball nut in your household.

Purchase: $40

Bellroy Key Cover

Bellroy Key Cover

The Aussie brand who made a name for itself building impressive and slim wallets is looking to take on another essential part of our everyday carry – keys. Their new key cover helps you organize between four or eight keys (depending on the version you buy). Made from vegetable tanned premium leather that comes in three separate colors, blue, black or caramel, it’s a surefire way to class up your everyday carry.

Purchase: $45

Cha o Ha Pocket EDC Card

EDC Card

Made from tough S53VN blade steel, this EDC card is packed full with over 30 different functions. From rulers to a wide variety of drivers and a bottle opener, it may be the most useful thing you’ll put in your wallet.

Purchase: $50

Tiny Arcade

Tiny Arcade

A perfect gift for the gamer. This little arcade features a vibrant OLED screen that you can play vintage games on via the working analog joystick and push buttons. The arcade comes with a micro SD card slot where you can load in your own card with games (they can be downloaded for free) or you can purchase an additional SD card that comes pre-loaded. A great office toy for the big kid.

Purchase: $60

Tritium Glow Bar

TR25 Tritium Glow Bar

We could lie to you and say that the only reason to get these tritium glow bars is so you can find your keys in the dark. The real point of getting these is simply because they just look cool. Waterproof for up to 100 meters, impact resistant from drops of up to 6.5 feet, and featuring three tough polycarbonate windows through which you can view a glowing tritium bar, they’re a great way to spruce up your EDC.

Purchase: $60

Lambda Top

Lambda Top

For those who appreciate precision machining or just a good, classy desktop toy, the Lambda Top from Prometheus Lights is a great stocking stuffer. It boasts a solid brass body, a hollow center shaft, and a ruby-tipped point. It’s just about as high-class as it gets when it comes to toys.

Purchase: $85

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