An ICON Helmet Design Inspired This Yamaha Fazer Motorcycle Concept

Photos: Hugo Silva Designs

Alongside utilizing unique shapes, innovative constructions, and idiosyncratic visor designs, ICON’s helmets have always stood out from the crowd thanks to their vibrant, often over-the-top paint jobs and graphics. And it’s one of these colorful designs that would ultimately inspire the latest render from noted concept artist Hugo Silva.

Heavily influenced by the pink Beastie Bunny version of ICON’s Airframe Pro moto helmet, the Portugal-based designer has used this brightly-colored brain bucket design to produce a customized take on a 2011 Yamaha FZ8. The rendered Yamaha sports a sharp belly-pan, a modified tank cover, a less waspish and more squared-off cowl-equipped tail section, a Katana-esque square headlight and cowl, and a usually high-mounted MX-style front fender that tightly hugs the front wheel. Taking inspiration from the transparent yellow spoiler used on Airframe Pro Beastie Bunny, the “Fazer” has also received a set of acrylic yellow dual-plane winglets and matching transparent yellow side-covers shrouding the project’s custom trellis subframe.

The 106-hp 779cc inline-four that lies at the heart of the mid-sized naked has also been treated to a set of SC-Project exhausts that now poke out from just beneath the swingarm. Adding a bit of extra flavor to the render is a ROTIFORM aero-disc cover that now shrouds the rear wheel. The final piece of the puzzle would come in the form of an elaborate livery design that’s modeled directly after the Beastie Bunny’s aggressive, ’90s-style graphics.

This already striking project is made all the more impressive by the fact that Hugo Silva seldom works in the two-wheeled realm, though it’s clear that the designer’s personal experience with riding and motorcycles has massively benefitted this project.

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Photo: Hugo Silva Designs
Photo: Hugo Silva Designs
Photo: Hugo Silva Designs