Instacube 1


Getting lost on Instagram is easy to do – there’s simply enough incredible photography to last a lifetime. Instacube looks to enhance that experience, putting your entire feed on its LCD surface, at 3 times the size of your average … Continue reading


Lockpick School In A Box 2

Lockpick School In A Box

Now we’re not condoning breaking into homes for a living, but we do think picking a lock is a great skill for any man to have, and there are few better ways to acquire this particular skill set than the … Continue reading


Best Sunglasses For Men

Summer Essentials: 18 Best Sunglasses for Men

Summer’s around the corner, which means your calendar will soon be filled with beach vacations, backyard BBQs, outdoor weddings, and other social occasions that will (finally) place you in direct sunlight. But before the festivities heat up, you might want … Continue reading


Best Swim Goggles

Splash Guards: The 8 Best Swimming Goggles

Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, and yet they are constantly exposed to bombardment from the elements. As damaging as wind and sun can be, the toxic chemicals in water can be even worse. … Continue reading


Not Your Fathers Root Beer

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Nothing made you feel like a grown-up as a kid more than drinking an ice cold root beer from the bottle. Somehow, though, root beer lost its appeal (likely around the age of 21). In fact, we can’t tell you … Continue reading


Mini Augmented Vision Eyewear

Mini Augmented Vision Eyewear

A MINI Augmented Vision Eyewear concept was recently unveiled at the 2015 Auto Shanghai Show, and it’s quite an interesting design, to say the least. The prototype was created with the help of Designworks with the aid from many Qualcomm companies. … Continue reading


Can-Am Maverick X DS

2015 Can-Am Maverick X DS

ATVs are a hell of a lot of fun, but if you’re looking for the speediest one with the most torque, you’re going to want to check out the Can-Am Maverick X DS. The Maverick X DS is powered by … Continue reading


The Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft 1

The Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft

It feels great to be on the water, doesn’t it? But it’s also enjoyable to be underwater with the ocean’s wildlife. Now, there’s a partially submersible watercraft that allows you to be both above and below the waterline at your … Continue reading


Bolt Portable Electric Skateboard 2

Bolt Portable Electric Skateboard

Walking is awful, isn’t it? Especially after a long day of work when you just want to get home as quickly as possible. But then you remember that you have a long commute. Bummer. Now, a man named Lorenzo Cella … Continue reading


Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Shelby Baja 700 0

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Shelby Baja 700

Shelby is known for taking Ford’s factory models to the next level, but what they did with the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Shelby Baja 700 is just mind boggling. First off, let’s state the obvious; the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor … Continue reading