BMW R80RT by Diamond Atelier 1

BMW R80RT by Diamond Atelier

When it’s your first time stepping to the plate, it’s hard enough making contact, let alone bashing one off the wall for extra bases, but that’s just what Munich-based bike builders Diamond Atelier has done with this 1992 BMW R80RT … Continue reading


Paper Airplane Machine Gun

Paper Airplane Machine Gun

There was always so much optimism when making a paper airplane in junior high (OK fine, college). “Maybe this will be the one that soars through the classroom and out across the campus!?” And then what? It dive-bombed after a three … Continue reading


Mujjo Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 6 0

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 6

What else do you need in life, really, besides your phone, ID, and a credit card? Oxygen? Way overhyped. Food? Sex? OK, we don’t have time to go through all of these, and we didn’t anticipate this level of nitpickery. … Continue reading


New London Subway Trains by PriestmanGoode 1

New London Subway Trains by PriestmanGoode

It’s safe to say if mass transportation offered the same level of comfort and next-gen tech that one can get in an automobile, more people might use it. While that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, the latest concept video by … Continue reading


2015 Tesla Model S P85D 1

2015 Tesla Model S P85D

While we wait with baited breath for more details about the affordable electric car Tesla is working on, for now we’ll have to make due with news about yet another high-end piece of innovative automotive excellence. The Model S P85D … Continue reading


Best Snowshoes

Step Up: The 6 Best Snowshoes

Snowshoes have come a long way since the tennis rackets that trappers used to use. Now they are streamlined and smooth, employing the latest technology to make them more comfortable and more effective so that alpine explorers of every shape … Continue reading


KeyDisk 2 Key Holder 1

KeyDisk 2 Key Holder

Other than our self-respect, there’s nothing we lose more than our keys. Perhaps if they weren’t such a jingly, jangly mess to carry around we wouldn’t be leaving them all over the place. The KeyDisk 2, with its sleek, minimal profile … Continue reading


HTC Re Camera 0

HTC Re Camera

Is the future of quick and casual photography exclusively tied to our smartphones? Maybe not, according to the designers at HTC. The Re camera enters the very competitive field of on-the-go cameras/camcorders by offering a unique periscope-shaped design, simple one-handed … Continue reading


Ken Blocks Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX Shredfest

Ken Block’s Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX Shredfest

This video does the (nearly) impossible: It makes you want winter to come even faster. Professional rally driver Ken Block and pro snowboarders Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss spent the day tearing up Baldface Lodge in Nelson, British Columbia, with … Continue reading


Werewolf Kettlebell Legend Bell 1

Werewolf Kettlebell Legend Bell

Most of us need every ounce of motivation we can get to keep up with our workouts; whether it’s timing your gym trips to coincide with that mysteriously hot redhead’s schedule or listening to an endless loop of Survivor’s greatest … Continue reading