NomadPad for Apple Watch 1

NomadPad for Apple Watch

The California based crew at Nomad got their start just a few short years on Kickstarter, and they haven’t looked back since. Seeing that the brand believes the smartwatch will soon eclipse the smartphone as the number one mobile device, … Continue reading


On Beer and Food- The Gourmets Gide To Recipes and Pairings

On Beer and Food: The Gourmet’s Guide To Recipes and Pairings

We’re constantly covering the best beers on the market, from double IPAs and pale ales to stouts and porters. But one thing we’ve really dropped the ball on is the best foods to pair your favorite brews with. Thankfully the … Continue reading


RHINO SHIELD Crash Guard for iPhone 6 1

RHINO SHIELD Crash Guard for iPhone 6

RHINO SHIELD has built a reputation for smartphone protection, and now the renowned case is available for both the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. When you’re looking for top notch protection, without the glitz, glamor and unwanted bulk, this … Continue reading


Best Energy Bars

Ready for Action: The 9 Best Energy Bars

In days of yore, energy bars were flat, grotesque masses of protein and carbohydrates cooked up in some laboratory by a cackling scientist with no taste buds. Or they were sugary things overflowing with empty calories that would pump you … Continue reading


PlyFly Flatpack Wooden Go-Kart 0

PlyFly Flatpack Wooden Go-Kart

We’re guessing you’ve probably put together enough flatpack furniture to last you a lifetime. No thrills left there. But what if we told you a flatpack go-kart could land on your doorstep? The PlyFly Go-Kart is just such a thing. … Continue reading


Shinola Limited Edition Detroit Arrow 1

Shinola Limited Edition Detroit Arrow

Shinola, pride of Motor City, is taking aim at the utilitarian urban bicycle rider with its first single speed offering, the Detroit Arrow, a limited-edition nickel-plated beauty. Hand assembled in Detroit and available for both men and women, the Arrow … Continue reading


Rocketbook Cloud-Integrated Microwaveable Notebook

Rocketbook Cloud-Integrated Microwaveable Notebook

Wait, before you toss that ham & cheese Hot Pocket in the microwave, we have something even better for you to nuke: your notebook. Yes, with the Rocketbook cloud-integrated notebook, you can actually erase your notes and refresh your pages … Continue reading


Breitling B55 Connected Watch 0

Breitling B55 Connected Watch

We’re skeptical that true watch aficionados are going to go all in on the Apple Watch, at least in its first iteration. But even the storied watchmakers are working in smart features with their classic designs. Breitling’s B55 Connected Watch, … Continue reading


Henrik Fisker Aston Martin Thunderbolt Vanquish 1

Henrik Fisker Aston Martin Thunderbolt Vanquish

This one-off design study might not be an official Aston Martin, but that hardly makes Henrik Fisker’s Thunderbolt Vanquish any less gorgeous. Designed by Fisker as a V12 Vanquish coupe, this sinewy seductress features hand-laid coach-built carbon fiber bodywork with … Continue reading


BMW Urban Racer Concept Motorcycle 1

BMW Urban Racer Concept Motorcycle

Concept cars are a dime dozen these days, but it’s not everyday we see a 2-wheeled concept stamped with a German auto maker’s badge. 3D modeler Jans Slapins (the same guy responsible for the Lamborghini Rat Rod) went to work … Continue reading