Star Wars- The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 2

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 2

After giving us our first sneak peak back in November of last year, Disney has pulled the curtain back on the second teaser trailer for the most anticipated film of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The new trailer … Continue reading


Best Butcher Knives

Mince Meat: The 8 Best Butcher Knives

Any captain of the kitchen should already have his standard sidearm: The Chef’s knife. But a grillmaster will need something else: A butcher knife. The two are often confused by the layperson who believes that one can replace the other. … Continue reading


Napali Transparent Folding Kayak by Clear Blue Hawaii 1

Napali Transparent Folding Kayak by Clear Blue Hawaii

If you’re looking for a truly unique kayak, check out Clear Blue Hawaii’s napali transparent folding kayak. It’s the only transparent foldable kayak available in the world, thanks to its transparent military-grade Urethane skin. It is also among the very … Continue reading


Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera 1

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

GoPros aren’t the only action shot cameras around anymore, as more and more camera manufacturers are creating their own version. Blackmagic is no exception, as they’ve introduced their own action shot camera, the Micro Cinema Camera. It is a miniaturized … Continue reading


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort 0

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, unplug, and sit atop a mountain somewhere in a tent. Of course, setting up tents can be a tiresome task, and the whole sitting on the ground thing just isn’t … Continue reading


The Roadtrek Zion Camper Van 0

The Roadtrek Zion Camper Van

Roadtrek has launched the all-new Zion, a stylish compact camper built over the Ram ProMaster. This sizable┬ácamper van sits five and sleeps three, and is packed with useful features that are sure to make anyone a happy camper. Roadtrek hasn’t … Continue reading


ANICORN Series 000 Watch 1

ANICORN Series 000 Watch

We’re definitely seeing a major resurgence in watch-wearing as of late, mostly due to the rise of the smart watch. But where some people prefer connected devices and the internet of things, there are others that prefer style. With that … Continue reading


Faraday Porteur Electric Bike 1

Faraday Porteur Electric Bike

There are few better commuter vehicles than the electric bike. The problem is many brands ditch aesthetics in pursuit of the e-technology. Faraday has followed in the footsteps of brands like Tesla, creating an innovative bike that puts design at … Continue reading


Vermont Maple Sriracha

Vermont Maple Sriracha

Many call Srircha’s massive spike in popularity nothing more than a trend. We call it a lifestyle. The hot sauce of the gods is here to stay (at least in our pantries), and we are loving the constant fusion concoctions … Continue reading


GoKnuckles for GoPro 1

GoKnuckles for GoPro

The GoPro accessories market is one that never seems to end, and seeing that we never hit the road without our trusty action camera, we can’t complain. The folks at GoWorx have been at the forefront of this accessories movement, … Continue reading