Crep Protect Water-Repellent Shoe Spray

Crep Protect Liquid-Repellent Shoe Spray

Dress to impress is the name of the game, and keeping your sneakers fresh is part of that process. Crep Protect is here to handle that difficult task. After Never Wet gained a ton of traction in here in the … Continue reading


Best Safety Razors

Chin Music: The 6 Best Safety Razors

Long ago a man looked down at his ratty, filthy, Duck Dynasty beard and declared that he would no longer live with things nesting in the hair that adorned his face. He said he would shear it away, so that … Continue reading


Simpsons World App

Simpsons World App: Every Episode Of The Simpsons For Free

There’s now some stiff competition for People magazine as you suffer through that excruciating 45-minute wait at the doctor’s office: every episode of The Simpsons on your phone. For free. The one catch with Simpsons World is that you have … Continue reading


Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit 1

Korg Cliphit Clip-On Drum Kit

Not sure about you, but for years we’ve been banging out beats with our hands on everything from lunchroom tables to steering wheels to girlfriends’ asses. Isn’t it about time we do something with this skill? The electronic musical instrument masters at … Continue reading


The Lebowski Cycle- Art Inspired By The Big Lebowksi 1

The Lebowski Cycle: Art Inspired By The Big Lebowksi

We’ve seen coasters, rugs, sweaters, and pinball machines, all paying homage to The Big Lebowski. Now, here’s something much simpler, but no less impressive: art. Joe Forkan may be classically trained, but that certainly didn’t stop him from using his … Continue reading


Hudson Woods 0

Hudson Woods

So you’ve got the Midtown apartment that you’re paying through the nose for, yet, ironically, it’s that same nose which you’re depriving of the kinds of fresh scents that can only come with scads of green grass and ancient trees. 100 … Continue reading


Pawse Automatic Dog Leash 0

Pawse Automatic Dog Leash

Even the most obedient of dogs will occasionally hear the call of the wild and make a mad dash for a particularly enticing butt that needs sniffing. Wouldn’t you like to stop that silliness from happening before it starts? Surely. … Continue reading


The Avengers Age Of Ultron

‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Teaser Trailer

Marvel continues to assert its dominance on the global box office as the Disney owned brand gears up for next summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.’ Today the company was kind enough to give us a sneak … Continue reading


Guapa Peaks Bamboo Headwear 01

Guapa Peaks Bamboo Headwear

Bamboo has become a go-to construction material for several sustainable products in recent years, but headwear is one we had yet to see – until now. Meet Guapa Peaks, the world’s first bamboo headwear. These beautiful hats are handmade individually, … Continue reading


Radius V2 iPhone 6 Case 0

Radius V2 Titanium iPhone 6 Case

Considered by many to be the best minimalist case for the iPhone 5, the Radius V2 is the same sleek case you know and love, but designed for your new iPhone 6 or 6-Plus. There are minimalist cases, and then … Continue reading