Best Session IPA

Drinking Marathon: The 15 Best Session IPAs

It seemed like a few short years ago the modern IPA was a novelty. Big hop flavors pouring over a substantial malt bill made for some of the best beers in America, by nearly every objective or empirical measure. One … Continue reading


Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under 500

Mobile Mavericks: The 6 Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under $500

It’s easy for the casual gamer to get overlooked when it comes to buying hardware. Sure, there’s a few hundred rigs that can be had for small fortunes which will appeal to the die-hard player, but not everyone needs that. … Continue reading


T10i Stainless Steel Earphones 1

T10i Stainless Steel Earphones

Just the words “stainless steel” alone have been known to trigger many a man to reach for his wallet, no matter what the application. But… stainless steel earphones? Yes sir. British audio company RHA has unveiled its newest creation, the T10i … Continue reading


Sugru Self-Setting Rubber 0

Sugru Self-Setting Rubber

What’s this? Could man’s second best friend, duct tape, have some new competition from across the pond? Created by British designers, Sugru is a self-setting rubber, a sort of moldable glue, that goes from a Play Doh-like substance to overnight … Continue reading


Smithsonian Magazines 12th Annual Photo Contest Finalists 0

Smithsonian Magazine’s 12th Annual Photo Contest Finalists

With apologies to that picture of a chicken parm sub you posted on Facebook last week, we have found some examples of truly beautiful photography. has unveiled the finalists in its 12th Annual Photo Contest, and you’re gonna wanna set aside … Continue reading


Omega Dark Side Of The Moon Watch Collection 1

Omega Dark Side Of The Moon Watch Collection

Known for its high precision, sturdiness, readability, ease of use, and reliability, Omega’s Speedmaster chronograph was the first watch to be worn on the moon. So yeah, it’s that moon – the actual moon – being referenced in Omega’s newly updated … Continue reading


Laser Cut Steel Erembald Bicycle by ElevenTwentySeven 1

Laser Cut Steel Erembald Bicycle by ElevenTwentySeven

Man, this is a ton of blood, sweat and tears to put into building a bicycle. ElevenTwentySeven’s stainless steel Erembald bike features a unique laser-cut pattern that’s tailor-made for each rider. The saddle and steer are fixed according to the … Continue reading


Off The Grid Rentals 1

Off The Grid Rentals

Who doesn’t want to hit the backcountry in a teardrop trailer? Problem is, most of us don’t have an extra $20,000 laying around to scoop one up. The folks at the Off The Grid Rentals feel your pain, and decided … Continue reading


Tony Montanas Scarface Mansion Is For Sale 1

Tony Montana’s Scarface Mansion Is For Sale

A couple year’s ago, Tony Montana’s Scarface become available to rent, for the nominal fee of $30,000 per month. It looks like the current owners are done being landlords, and have decided to list the property for sale. We all … Continue reading


Hard Graft Private Dopp Kit 1

Hard Graft Private Dopp Kit

Wash bags are an essential part of any traveling man’s arsenal, and yet it still remains overlooked. Rather than having to burn cash each season on a new dopp kit, why not invest in one that’ll last a lifetime (or … Continue reading