Tail Feather Modular Camper 0

Tail Feather Modular Camper

It looks designer Lawrence Drake’s decision to decline an invitation to present his Teal Camper concept on Shark Tank turned out to be a good one as the brand rolls out their first ever modular camper, the Tail Feather. Everyone … Continue reading


2013 Lucra LC470 1

2013 Lucra LC470

Not familiar with the name Lucra? Don’t let that detour you from taking a closer look at the boutique car maker’s hand-built, 2 door monster – the 2013 Lucra LC470. One of the best looking vehicles we’ve ever laid our … Continue reading


Concept 1865 Electric Bike 1

Concept 1865 Electric Bike

Designed as if the inventors of the first pedal powered cycle had access to today’s modern materials and technologies, the Concept 1865 Electric Bike is one high-tech velocipede. While electric bike concepts have become quite popular, we have yet to … Continue reading


Nike Air Max Reflect Collection 1

Nike Air Max Reflect Collection

Just like the Air Max Glow collection before it, there’s more than meets the eye with the Nike Air Max Reflect Collection. With 6 different silhouettes included in the series, there’s sure to be something for all the Air Max … Continue reading


The Racer by DP Customs 0

The Racer by DP Customs

The Del Prado brothers are back at it again, hitting yet another home run with this beautiful, Formula One inspired “The Racer” motorcycle. Anyone who is familiar with the custom motorbike scene knows DP Customs. Jarrod and Justin love what … Continue reading


Poler Camera Cooler 0

Poler Camera Cooler

While we do love bags, we prefer to keep our limited closet space clutter-free, and that means some of our bags have to pull double duty. There are few out there that do this better than the Poler Camera Cooler. … Continue reading


Grass Printer Lawnmower

Grass Printer Lawn Mower

Self-powered lawn mowers have become a hot commodity in recent years, but a self-powered lawn mower that cuts out designs in your lawn, now that’s something we’ve never seen before. The Grass Printer lawnmower is just that. Designed as collaboration … Continue reading


Motorola Project Ara 1

Motorola Project Ara

Earlier in the year we took a look at Phonebloks, a customizable modular smartphone. As one of the best product concepts we’ve seen all year, it’s no surprise that Motorola teamed up with Phoneblok’s creators to make the project a … Continue reading


2013 Great Jack OLantern Blaze 1

2013 Halloween Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Halloween is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than an awesome collection of Jack O’lanterns? Well that, and a few bottles of pumpkin beer of course. If you like illuminated carved pumpkins, then the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze … Continue reading


Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars 1

Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars

Voyage-Air CEO Jeff Cohen has come a long way since his Shark Tank days, and has now teamed up with the folks at Fender for a range of Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars. Anyone that plays the guitar knows just how … Continue reading