Knight Rider KITT Car Replica 0

Knight Rider KITT Car Replica

Debuting back in 1982, the American television series Knight Rider has gone on to become a cult classic for fans. Sure people loved David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, but it was Knight’s vehicle that received the most attention – KITT. … Continue reading


NightSUP 1

NightSUP: LED Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand up paddle boarding has taken the world by storm, and it only seems that more and more people are adopting this popular water sport. With our busy schedules though, we find it a bit difficult to hit the open … Continue reading


Petco x Star Wars Pet Collection 1

Petco x Star Wars Pet Collection

It looks like Fido can finally get in all of the Star Wars action that’s been going down as of late. As you’ve been purchasing things like your Star Wars onesie, your pet pooch has been eagerly awaiting his chance … Continue reading

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Samuel L Jackson Stars In Quentin Tarantino Directed Classic Disney Films 1

Classic Disney Films Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Directed By Quentin Tarantino

In 2011, Samuel L. Jackson was named the highest grossest actor of all time. While we were a bit taken back at first, when you really think about, he’s been in so many films that it was bound to happen. … Continue reading


Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit9 0

Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit9

Not all of us can afford Triumph and Harley motorcycles to customize. Knowing this, the team at Bandit9 Motorcycle Design decided to customize a Yamaha XVS400 to inspire other bike builders to start building well engineered 2 wheelers on less … Continue reading

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ROK Manual Espresso Maker 1

ROK Manual Espresso Maker

When it comes to espresso makers, there are literally hundreds of options out there, but when you start getting into the vintage inspired manual makers, that’s where the options begin to diminish. The ROK Manual Espresso Maker is not only … Continue reading


Nike London Headquarters by Rosie Lee 1

Nike London Headquarters by Rosie Lee

Powerhouse footwear label Nike has just completely redesigned their London headquarters, and while it doesn’t quite share the same wow effect of their Beaverton, Oregon headquarters, the London based HQ is stunning to say the least. Nike decided to enlist … Continue reading


Gentlemans Ice Cube Tray 1

Gentleman’s Ice Cube Tray

So you’ve already managed to somehow sift through our list of the coolest ice cube trays, and you’re still looking for more creative designs. Well gents, we have got you covered with the Gentleman’s Ice Cube Tray. Designed specifically for … Continue reading


Apple iPad Pocket Projector 1

Apple iPad Pocket Projector

These days we never head to the office without bringing along our trusty iPad. As if Apple’s tablet didn’t already have a ton of solid features right out of the box, the iPad Pocket Projector is yet another attachment that … Continue reading


Supergirl Girl of Steel by Jeff Chapman 0

Supergirl ‘Girl of Steel’ by Jeff Chapman

Superman has always been the poster child for DC Comics (alongside Batman of course), and Zack Snyder’s recent ‘Man of Steel’ film adaptation certainly resurrected Superman’s popularity among the mainstream audience. DeviantArt illustration artist Jeff Chapman decided to create his … Continue reading