Stamp Yo Face 1

Stamp Yo Face: Custom Single Portrait Stamp

Simple verbal endorsements don’t carry much weight these days: “Hey, so I saw ‘Gravity’ last night. Totally gets my stamp of approval.” At that point you’re either looking at a shrug or a downward-facing head that’s checking its Twitter feed. This … Continue reading


California Desert House By Kendrick Bangs Kellogg 01

California Desert House By Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Had Imperial stormtroopers decided to makeover Uncle Owen’s Tatooine home, instead of evicting him and his old lady in the harshest way possible, Luke Skywalker might have still been chilling in a home like this, the Desert House by architect … Continue reading


Forms In Nature Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows 0

‘Forms In Nature’ Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows

We can see a ton of cool uses for this tree shadow light entitled “Forms in Nature” by Hilden & Diaz. Of course the first one that pops into our heads involves terrifying the toddlers in our lives, but no, that … Continue reading


Recycled Jean Label Rug

Recycled Jean Label Rug

Rugs are a great way to tie any room together, but when you’re really looking to make a statement in your bachelor pad, opt for this recycled jean label rug. We’ve seen a ton of different household items made from … Continue reading


Qoros eBIQE Electric Bike Concept 1

Qoros eBIQE Electric Bike Concept

The Geneva Motor Show saw many of our favorite auto makers introducing new models for 2014/2015, but there were also plenty of 2-wheeled options as well. One specifically that caught our attention is the Qoros eBIQE Electric Bike Concept. Recognizing … Continue reading


2014 Mini Clubman Concept 1

2014 Mini Clubman Concept

It might not be so “mini,” but the German maker’s latest Geneva Motor Show contribution is definitely a good looking vehicle. Meet the 2014 Mini Clubman Concept. While many will refer to the Clubman as a 5-door, you will notice … Continue reading


LIVR App 1

LIVR App: The Social Network for Drunk People

Imagine a social network that was reminiscent of your favorite local dive bar after last call – a social network that let you mingle/connect with other inebriated individuals. A “party” social network if you will. That’s exactly what you have … Continue reading


LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler 1

LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

Star Wars and LEGO continue their longstanding partnership to pump out yet another impressive set. This time around, the world’s most popular toy maker has decided to recreate one of our favorite scenes from ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New … Continue reading


Discreet TRIWA Smartwatch Concept 1

TRIWA Smartwatch Concept by Gabor Balogh

Hungarian designer Gábor Balogh is like a lot of us; he breathes air, enjoys a fine sandwich, and wonders why smartwatches can’t look sophisticatedly stylish. The difference between us and Gábor, though, is instead of posting snarky 2-cent opinions on … Continue reading


PUFFiT X Vaporizer 0

PUFFiT X Vaporizer Concealed Inside An Inhaler

On the list of devices that you want to be discreet, vaporizers rank pretty high. Maybe not penis pump-high, but ya know, somewhere in that ballpark. Penis Pump Ballpark, by the way,(“home of your Pittsburgh Pirates!”) really has a nice ring … Continue reading