No More Woof Dog Speech Translator 1

No More Woof Dog Speech Translator

Have you ever heard your dog bark a few times and thought, “Hey, that really sounded like Fido was discussing the complex moral structure involved with Breaking Bad!”? OK, probably not. But the larger point here is he might’ve been opining on … Continue reading


Vespa Inspired Segway Scooter 1

Vespa Inspired Segway Scooter

We’re hoping this Zero Vespa Segway turns out to be a big thing, because if it gets big enough, mall security guards will have to trade in their Segways for these noticeably cooler Vespa-styled rides. But even if that doesn’t happen, there’s lots … Continue reading


Modern Villa F Residence in Greece 1

Modern Villa F Residence in Greece

James Bond may have all the best gadgetry, but when it comes to the digs, the Bond villains most certainly have the upper hand. A serious contender for the perfect Bond villain home, the Villa F residence is located right … Continue reading


2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Jet Ski 2

2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310: The World’s Most Powerful Jet Ski

Kawasaki looks to one-up itself this summer with the release of the world’s most powerful jet ski watercraft. So just how much power does this Japanese built watercraft produce you ask? The 2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310 pumps out a staggering … Continue reading


AeYO Scooter 0

AeYO Scooter: Rollerblades and Bicycle In One

As more people opt for a 2-wheeled companion to get around in the city, the design team behind AeYO decided now was the perfect time to unveil their new vehicle – a cross between a bike and a pair of … Continue reading


The Beatles x Vans Yellow Submarine Sneaker Collection 1

The Beatles x Vans Yellow Submarine Sneaker Collection

Fans of The Beatles will be happy to know that footwear giant Vans has finally partnered up with the legendary band to release their first ever sneaker collaboration, fittingly dubbed the Yellow Submarine Collection. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of The … Continue reading


Crocodile Skin Fixed Gear Bike by WLWC 1

Crocodile Skin Fixed Gear Bike by WLWC

The Paris based design team at Watch Life With Curiosity focuses on objects associated with urban lifestyle, and what could be more urban than a fixed gear bike? The “fixie” has risen to prominence in the last few years, and … Continue reading


Best Burger Recipes

Grill Time: The 15 Best Burger Recipes Ever

While the word itself may derive from Germany’s second largest city, it doesn’t get much more American than the hamburger. A food group of its own here in the states, burgers are served all throughout the nation, and the only … Continue reading


Pacemaker iPad DJ App With Spotify 1

Pacemaker iPad DJ App With Spotify

If you’re an iPad user and Spotify is your music streaming service of choice, this one’s for you. Pacemaker is the first iPad DJ app that syncs up your music collection with all of the tunes on Spotify. Might this mean hearing back-to-back Michael Bolton songs … Continue reading


FishHunter Portable Fish-Finding Sonar

FishHunter Portable Fish-Finding Sonar

With new statistics showing 67% of American fish go on to receive at least an associate’s degree, one thing is clear: fish are getting smarter. So now it’s time to step your game up, and the FishHunter may just be the … Continue reading