Multitouch Coffee Tables from Ideum 0

Multitouch Coffee Tables from Ideum

Microsoft may have bailed on the idea of computer coffee tables, but sipping espresso while swiping through last night’s scores remains an achievable dream. Ideum’s Platform 46 and new Platform 32 Multitouch Coffee Tables feature 3M’s projected capacitive multitouch technology and … Continue reading


Whangapoua Mobile Beach Hut in New Zealand 1

Whangapoua Beach Hut in New Zealand

Those whip-smart New Zealanders. Not only were they smart enough to let Peter Jackson film all his Lord of the Rings movies there, they’re also wise about their beach houses. Take this elegant hut in Coromandel, New Zealand. Architects Crosson … Continue reading


Archibird Cage Table 1

Archibird Cage Table

On some nights, the selection of TV shows on network and cable is so wretched, you’d almost be better off staring at the coffee table. Now, imagine if that coffee table had live birds inside it. See ya later, Top … Continue reading


Legography 1

Legography: Lego Minifigures Taking Pictures In Real World

Life as a professional photographer isn’t easy. Now just imagine the life of a professional photographer who’s also a Lego minifigure. All those concerns about the right lighting and proper angles would get compounded by fears of being trampled by frisky Boston … Continue reading


adidas PR Shoot 06/02/2014

Adidas Samba Primeknit: World’s First Knitted Football Boot

Nothing is safe from the grips of innovation, footwear included – and that’s a good thing. Powerhouse sportswear label Adidas shows off their latest accomplishment in the Adidas Samba Primeknit, the world’s first ever knitted football boot. When it comes … Continue reading


Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa 1

Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

When most people think of going on a safari, they think about pesky mosquitoes and a bad back after waking up in the morning. Lion Sands Game Reserve looks to completely revolutionize the experience, offering up resort amenities while still … Continue reading


Tucos Grill Paperweight 1

Tuco’s Grill Paperweight

Tuco’s long run as a drug kingpin in New Mexico came to an end well before AMC finished Breaking Bad, but his legacy always lived on through his iconic grill. Pay homage to one of the craziest television show characters … Continue reading


Volvo Estate Concept 0

Volvo Concept Estate

If Volvo’s recent rounds of concept models are indication of where the brand is heading – we are certainly excited to say the least. The Swedish auto maker unveils one of their more buzzed about offerings in the Volvo Concept … Continue reading


Superhero Winter Olympics 0

Superhero Winter Olympics

We loved the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but how much more awesome would the events be if it were superheroes competing? That’s the concept behind graphic artist Francesco Francavilla’s Winter Super Olympics series. Superheroes make everything cooler, so why … Continue reading


Nina Agdal Carls Jr Commercial

Web Consumption: Nina Agdal’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial

Carl’s Jr. has had a lot of success with casting beautiful women to eat their burgers on film, and it looks like the strategy will continue to moving forward. See what’s going on around the web. 1. It looks like … Continue reading