Best American IPAs

Mad Hops: The 20 Best American IPAs

Once upon a time, India Pale Ales, otherwise known as IPAs, were brewed incredibly hoppy to accommodate the heat on their voyage from England to India. England would send their beer on a ship to India for their soldiers and … Continue reading


Best Underwater Hotels

The 13 Best Underwater Hotels In The World

For hundreds of thousands of years we lived wired, primed for fight or flight. Adrenaline coursed through our bodies. Then in a matter of a few centuries we lost it, all our instincts for survival in the wild replaced with … Continue reading


Best Smart Watches

Timing is Everything: The 5 Best Smartwatches

Is it too hard for you to reach all the way down into your pocket to pull out your phone? Do you need a piece of wearable tech that will vibrate disconcertingly against your flesh each time you receive a … Continue reading


Apidura Lightweight Cycling Bags 1

Apidura Lightweight Cycling Bags

The last thing you need when bicycling – besides a belligerent Lance Armstrong riding past you while chugging Human Growth Hormone Flavored Gatorade (not a real thing—yet) – is to be carrying any extra weight. Apidura knows this, and they’ve … Continue reading


Legal- Marijuana Infused Cold-Brew Coffee

Legal: Marijuana Infused Cold-Brew Coffee

OJ too intense to start the day with? Not looking for coffee’s caffeine high or the rancid breath? If you’re fond of mellowing your way from morning to midday, these new drinks might be your speed. There’s cannabis extract in … Continue reading


Deglon Stainless Steel Finger Guard 1

Deglon Stainless Steel Finger Guard

There’s a big difference between being served ladyfingers and a lady’s fingers. If you like your vegetables freshly chopped and your girl’s digits fully intact, check out Deglon’s Finger Guard. This is a stainless steel shield (think Captain America, if all … Continue reading


Killerspin Throw II Table Tennis Robot

Killerspin Throw II Table Tennis Robot

Ready to become a real-life Forrest Gump? No, not with the whole soldier thing, or shrimp thing, or walking across the country thing. In this case, we mean the ping pong thing. The Killerspin Throw II table tennis robot can … Continue reading


Brute Box Coolers

Brute Box Coolers

When the name of your company is Brute Outdoors, and your logo is a charging bison who’s probably pissed about all those Ted Turner restaurants, you damn well better build your stuff tough. These Brute Box Coolers appear to fit that bill, … Continue reading


The Beast Off-Road Electric Scooter 1

The Beast Off-Road Electric Scooter

Scooters are already a great way to get around for urban dwellers, but imagine if there was one that could easily transition from the tarmac to dirt roads, and was electric? That’s exactly what we have with the aptly titled … Continue reading


The Zombie Survival Flashcards 1

The Zombie Survival Flashcards

You may think you like the thought of a zombie apocalypse, but that’s because you’re sitting in the comfort of your home, watching Rick and the gang pummel through walkers on the television. When it actually goes down, you’re going … Continue reading