Kate Moss Playboy Bunny

Web Consumption: Kate Moss as the Playboy Bunny

With so much solid stuff on the web these days, we’d be fools to think we could cover everything out there  – and let’s face it,  we need more women in our lives. Web Consumption ensures that us guys stay … Continue reading


Workaholics Bear Coat Giveaway

Giveaway: Win A Free Workaholics Bear Coat

Contest Ended: Congratulations Ryan Benedict With the holidays right around the corner, we can’t think of a better gift than this Workaholics Bear Coat ($130). That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends from Be Green Man to give one … Continue reading


The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool 1

The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool

If, like me, you spent your Friday nights in college nursing a Zima — on the rocks, please — with your back up against the wall — of your dorm room — then the concept of ‘shotgunning’ a beer might … Continue reading

Food, Gadgets

Egg Minder Smart Egg Carton 1

Egg Minder Smart Egg Carton

Did ya ever think maybe, just maybe, Rocky wouldn’t have lost to Apollo Creed in their first go-round had he been chugging those raw eggs with the help of an Egg Minder ($70)? Taking smart technology to a place where … Continue reading


Hookah Pipe By Bugatti and Desvall 1

Hookah Pipe By Bugatti and Desvall

So your dreams of owning a Bugatti stalled after that homemade mixtape failed to sell more than three copies (mom bought two, you the other). Don’t sweat it. A Bugatti-designed hookah pipe can be yours for a tenth of the … Continue reading


Panono Camera

Panono: Panoramic Ball Camera

The Panono camera is one of things that requires a few minutes to fully comprehend: What? 360-degree pictures? Why do I need that? Then you see one. And you rotate the photo; tilt it; zoom in; zoom out; and see things … Continue reading


BookBook Travel Journal 1

BookBook Travel Journal by Twelve South

As Ron Burgundy knows, one’s importance is primarily determined by their collection of fine leather-bound books. We say fake the books and stay classy with the BookBook Travel Journal ($100) from Twelve South. This is an iPad carrying case that, by looking … Continue reading


Cool Hip Flasks

The 25 Coolest Flasks of All Time

No man should ever leave home without his hip flask. While we love cracking open a cold one after a long day at the office, there are times when you need to sip on some of the hard stuff to … Continue reading


Lumens Photography

Ducati SportClassic by Corse Motorcycles

We were already big fans of the Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000, and this custom built bike from the team at Corse Motorcycles had us falling even more in love with the single seat cafe racer. Led by Anthony Warnock (former … Continue reading


Star Wars Moleskine Notebooks 1

Star Wars Moleskine Notebooks

Your smarpthone may have a built-in notepad, but it doesn’t have a built-in Star Wars notepad. The Disney owned brand has once again partnered up with the team at Moleskine for a new notebook collection, just in time for the … Continue reading