Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial Edition 1

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial Edition

It must be good to be James Cameron. The man behind Titanic and Avatar is obviously extremely talented and wealthy, but then things like this come along: a Rolex made in his honor. Paying tribute to Cameron’s record-breaking 2012 solo dive … Continue reading


Vesper Vibrator Necklace 1

Vesper Vibrator Necklace

It’s a little early for Christmas shopping, and it’s way too soon to be thinking Valentine’s Day, but you might wanna bookmark this page now for future reference, because it’s gonna be very tough to top a vibrator necklace. Vesper … Continue reading


Wooden Carpet 1

Wooden Carpet

On the list of boring sh*t, carpet ranks pretty damn high; we figure somewhere between vinyl siding and ice dancing. So if anyone is gonna put some effort into shaking up the carpet world, we’ll always applaud them. Put your … Continue reading


Kansas Man Serenades Cows With Trombone

Kansas Farmer Serenades Cows With Trombone

The song “Royals” might be over a year old, but you know who doesn’t care about the pop charts? Cows. And the proof is in this video by Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg. Using his trusty trombone, Klingenberg herds a couple … Continue reading


John Deere RSX850i Midnight Black Edition Gator 1

John Deere RSX850i Midnight Black Edition Gator

Wanna blow your neighbor’s cerebellum? Tell him you just bought a new John Deere, then watch his jaw drop the floor as you drive this RSX850i Midnight Black Edition Gator out of your garage. This is a fully loaded ATV … Continue reading


Desert Courtyard House in Scottsdale Arizona 1

Desert Courtyard House in Scottsdale, Arizona

When we think of buying a home in the desert, we’re often hit with the question, “Now why would anyone want to do that?” Who wants to live in that blistering heat, in the middle of nowhere? However, that was … Continue reading


Navdy 1

Navdy Heads-Up Display

We all know that you should never use your phone while driving, but as smartphones become more integral with our daily lives, this becomes a much more difficult task. Whether you’re glancing at the navigation or received an urgent notification, … Continue reading


Bulls Eye Bike Lift and Carry by Mukomelov 1

Bull’s Eye Bike Lift and Carry by Mukomelov

Riding your bike around town is easy enough, but getting up those steep hills and staircases ? Well, that can pose a problem. Enter the Bull’s Eye Bike Lift and Carry system – the perfect solution. Designed by the Ukraine-based … Continue reading


LA Indian MY15 PR shoot May, 2014

2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle

It’s been 70 years since a new Scout has been unveiled. But this past Saturday at the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally the team at Indian decided to change all that as they pulled the curtain back on the 2015 Indian … Continue reading


Push For Pizza App

Push For Pizza

Pizza is easily our favorite comfort food around these parts, and anything that makes getting that delicious pie to our front door easier – well, we’re all for it. Say hello to the greatest app to hit the marketplace this … Continue reading