U-Boat Work C-Explorer 5 Luxury Submerisble 1

U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5 Luxury Submerisble

Something tells me if James Cameron used the C-Explorer 5 to scour the Atlantic for Titanic remains, he’d still be down there. This submersible offers more than just the ability to go deeper than that conversation you had with your dad … Continue reading


Samuel Adams Utopias B650 Beer-Seasoned Cigar 1

Samuel Adams Utopias Beer-Seasoned Cigar

Cigar-infused beer sounds like the kinda Kickstarter project that would prompt people to call their local health departments. But a beer-seasoned cigar? Much better. And it’s not just any beer that’s in the mix here; the Samuel Adams Utopia B650 … Continue reading


Breaking Bad Playing Cards 1

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

The dust has barely settled on the finale of Breaking Bad, but it’s clear the show is still resonating with people. We’ll give Netflix credit for an assist on that one. But if it’s one of those nights where the … Continue reading


Knuckle Duster Beard Comb 1

Knuckle Duster Beard Comb

Having a long shaggy beard makes for a spectacular conversation starter, but it also makes you a prime target for beard-pulling punks who have to pass their weird gang initiation tests. The Knuckle Duster Beard Comb gives you both the … Continue reading


Schwinn Sting-Ray 50th Anniversary Edition

Schwinn Sting-Ray 50th Anniversary Edition

Everything that’s old is new again. Retro is in these days, and Schwinn is looking to capitalize on the current trend with the Schwinn Sting-Ray 50th Anniversary Edition – dubbed the “Fritz Fifty.” In case you don’t remember the original … Continue reading


Fishscape Fish Bowl 0

Fishscape Fish Bowl

Perhaps you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a massive custom built aquarium for your home, but you’d still like to offer your fish friends a unique dwelling to call their own. The Fishscape Fish Bowl is the … Continue reading


Poler x Nike Vapen Snowboard Boots 1

Poler x Nike Vapen Snowboard Boots

Looking for something a bit more subtle than the LunarEndor snowboard boots from the Swoosh? We’ve got you covered with the brand’s latest collaboration in the Poler x Nike Vapen Snowboard Boots. Teaming up with their Oregon brethren, Nike has … Continue reading


500 Horsepower VW Superbeetle by VWVortex 1

500 Horsepower VW Superbeetle by VWVortex

Yes this is a new VW Beetle (not one of the cool old school ones), but bear with us for a second. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic coupe, the guys at VWVortex decided to create a Superbeetle, … Continue reading


APH80 Portable House by Abaton Studio 1

APH80 Portable House by Abaton Studio

With the ability to live anywhere you could ever dream, the APH80 tiny home is completely portable, but still provides everything one would need to live. Designed by the Spanish design team at Abaton, this one bedroom, 300 square foot … Continue reading


Sexy Girls In Yoga Pants

Web Consumption: Sexy Girls in Yoga Pants

After a few late nights with the Xbox One over the weekend, it’s time to get this short week started with some bombshells around the web. 1. God bless girls in yoga pants. There’s nothing quite like a fit chick … Continue reading