BMW M4 Ultimate Racetrack Atop Aircraft Carrier

BMW M4 Ultimate Racetrack

BMW is aiming to create one of the greatest videos ever uploaded to YouTube in their new “Ultimate Racetrack” advertisement, showcasing the $65,000 BMW M4. First off, let us point out that the video is fake, but that doesn’t make … Continue reading


Best Electric Lawnmowers

Green Dreams: The 5 Best Electric Lawnmowers

The green revolution has brought many wonderful things. Tiny, funny-looking cars that can dance on the head of a pin. Energy-efficient washing machines that work as well as beating your clothes with a rock down at the ol’ creek and … Continue reading


Thug Kitchen- Eat Like You Give a Fck Cookbook

Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck Cookbook

There’s no reason fruits and vegetables can’t be considered “gangster,” or “gangsta,” if you’re allergic to proper spelling. As long as you view fatty foods and poor health as The Man, you can easily picture some chickpea tabbouleh as a badass … Continue reading


Blank Slate Vertical Climbing Board 1

Blank Slate Vertical Climbing Board

Trying to climb the corporate ladder can drain the living soul out of you. It can also turn you into a soft tub of goo. We say put the pencil pushing on hold for a sec and work your arms … Continue reading


Union Wine Co Wine Tasting Truck 1

Union Wine Co. Wine Tasting Truck

It took a few years, but finally, food trucks have gone mainstream. Now… what to drink? Portland, Oregon-based Union Wine Co. has earned some buzz in the past year or so with its wine-in-a-can product, and now the startup is … Continue reading


Swich Wireless Charger

Swich Wireless Charger

Charging the phone is a daily necessity for most of us, but this new wireless charger, Swich, proves it’s a process that doesn’t have to be void of coolness. Made of ceramic, American walnut, and an acrylic foam sheet with … Continue reading


Trapper Keeper Tablet Cases 1

Trapper Keeper Tablet Cases

There are some 8th grade memories we’re good with not revisiting; like Big Todd shaking us down on the regular for our lunch money. But there are some that are tinged with the sweet familiar flavors of nostalgia. The Trapper … Continue reading


Best Romance Movies

The 50 Best Romance Movies Of All Time

Despite the fact that we’re severely allergic to Hugh Grant, and we giggle-cringe anytime someone says the phrase “make love,” we can admit romance has a place in this world. Granted, it’s not a place in our Blu-ray rack or Netflix … Continue reading


Best Water Parks

Wet and Wild: 15 Of The World’s Best Waterparks

While they may not reach quite the extremes of height, speed, and all-around curvocity of a standard theme park, your average water park these days is not so average. With rides that feature 360 degree loops, freefall drops that rearrange vital organs, and speeds that would have … Continue reading


Best Mountain Bikes

Climb Time: The 6 Best Mountain Bikes

Long has humankind looked at the highest peaks and aspired to brave their summits as a test of their fortitude. There is something about a pile of stone that begs to be ascended and conquered. You can do this on … Continue reading