The Helicycle Flying Motorcycle 1

The Helicycle Flying Motorcycle

Flying cars are something that we constantly dream about, but we don’t really count on them becoming a reality – at least anytime soon. Well why we were busy turning down the possibility of a personal aircraft that can tackle … Continue reading


Smarty Ring 1

Smarty Ring

Smart watches have been all the rage on the tech scene, but we’ve yet to see a smart ring. Well that’s exactly what Smarty Ring is, and seeing that they just surpassed their goal on IndieGoGo, this concept may soon … Continue reading


Bailey Blade XTR American Supercar 00

Bailey Blade XTR American Supercar

Look, we love American built muscle – but when it comes to track ready super cars, we just don’t measure up to some of the other vehicles out there. The U.S.A. based team at BXR Motors is looking to change … Continue reading


Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights 0

Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights

While we love us some Darth Vader, sometimes we like to switch things up, and show some love for the good guys during the holiday season. These Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights are the perfect way to decorate your Christmas … Continue reading


Lamborghini x BAPE Arctic Camo Aventador With Ski Box  1

Lamborghini x BAPE Arctic Camo Aventador With Ski Box

“Heading to the slopes? Wanna take my  Lambo?” said nary a soul ever, but maybe that’ll change with this Lamborghini Aventador that’s actually been outfitted for trips to the North Pole. Putting Santa’s sleigh to shame, the Aventador features 4 wheel drive capabilities, an IPE exhaust … Continue reading


70 000 Stealth Ping Pong Table by Eleven Ravens 1

$70,000 Stealth Ping Pong Table by Eleven Ravens

Forrest Gump, a large section of China, and everyone who enjoys ping pon–sorry, table tennis, now knows what gaming perfection looks like. It looks like this. The Stealth Table from Eleven Ravens is valued at $70,000, and a big reason why … Continue reading


Beer Soap 6-Pack

Beer Soap 6-Pack

There may be no truer sense of delicious irony than washing the Friday night bar funk off your body with beer soap the next day. No, this isn’t a bar of Irish Spring that fell into someone’s red cup in the bathroom; this Beer Soap 6-pack from Swag … Continue reading


Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S 1

Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S

Unless you’re the Black Eyed Peas, acquiring a gold record usually requires singing talent. But acquiring a gold iPhone? No talent necessary; just $3,289.94. Make your next iPhone 5s the most dramatic Words With Friends conduit of all time with this 24-karat solid gold edition from Goldgenie; or go with rose … Continue reading


Frank Sinatras New York City Penthouse 1

Frank Sinatra’s New York City Penthouse

Say the name ‘Sinatra’ to most people and it conjures up a host of images: singer; actor; Rat Packer. But ‘shrewd real estate tycoon’ is not one of them. Maybe it should be. Frank Sinatra‘s self-designed 3,200 square foot New York City penthouse is … Continue reading


Wokart Water Go-Kart 1

Wokart Water Go-Kart

Designed by Dr. Theo Christen, the Wokart takes everything we love about go-karts, and applies it to an asymmetric catamaran outboard that’s ready to tear up the water. After four rigorous years of testing and development, the Wokart is finally … Continue reading