Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Speaker System 1

Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Speaker System

If room-filling quality sound is your goal, you could hire Susan Boyle to stand in your living room, but she might get a leg cramp or something and then you’ve got problems. A much better bet is the new Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Speaker … Continue reading


Gerber Apocalypse Deterrence Kit 1

Gerber Apocalypse Deterrence Kit

Notice the key word in that title up top: deterrence. Because as Dan Patrick once said (when he was cool), “You can’t stop the zombie apocalypse, you can only hope to contain (ie. deter) it.” The Gerber Apocalypse Deterrence Kit … Continue reading

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Ratio Coffee Maker 1

Ratio Coffee Maker

We’ve seen a lot of complex coffee machines recently; many of them quite impressive too. But one doesn’t always need their joe-maker to have built-in Wi-Fi. From the simpler-is-better camp comes Ratio, a high-class, handmade machine that doesn’t need you to … Continue reading


Rumpl Modern Blanket 1

Rumpl Modern Blanket

While it seems like the whole world is focused on making more devices ‘smart,’ basic staples of our society have kinda been given the shaft. Take the blanket, for instance. Has anyone even tried to improve that thing since the first … Continue reading


Wipebook Reusable Whiteboard Notebook

Wipebook Reusable Whiteboard Notebook

Could the golden age of doodling still be ahead of us? Striking an impressive blow against the everything-has-to-be-digital movement is the Wipebook, a reusable whiteboard notebook that lets you write and erase over and over inside the same book. No paper … Continue reading


Port Solar Charger 1

Port Solar Charger

Many of you will remember the team at XD Design introducing a concept for a solar powered window charger a few years back. Now that same team is back with the official retail version of the product dubbed the Port … Continue reading


The Helicycle Flying Motorcycle 1

The Helicycle Flying Motorcycle

Flying cars are something that we constantly dream about, but we don’t really count on them becoming a reality – at least anytime soon. Well why we were busy turning down the possibility of a personal aircraft that can tackle … Continue reading


Smarty Ring 1

Smarty Ring

Smart watches have been all the rage on the tech scene, but we’ve yet to see a smart ring. Well that’s exactly what Smarty Ring is, and seeing that they just surpassed their goal on IndieGoGo, this concept may soon … Continue reading


Bailey Blade XTR American Supercar 00

Bailey Blade XTR American Supercar

Look, we love American built muscle – but when it comes to track ready super cars, we just don’t measure up to some of the other vehicles out there. The U.S.A. based team at BXR Motors is looking to change … Continue reading


Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights 0

Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights

While we love us some Darth Vader, sometimes we like to switch things up, and show some love for the good guys during the holiday season. These Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights are the perfect way to decorate your Christmas … Continue reading