Discreet TRIWA Smartwatch Concept 1

TRIWA Smartwatch Concept by Gabor Balogh

Hungarian designer Gábor Balogh is like a lot of us; he breathes air, enjoys a fine sandwich, and wonders why smartwatches can’t look sophisticatedly stylish. The difference between us and Gábor, though, is instead of posting snarky 2-cent opinions on … Continue reading


PUFFiT X Vaporizer 0

PUFFiT X Vaporizer Concealed Inside An Inhaler

On the list of devices that you want to be discreet, vaporizers rank pretty high. Maybe not penis pump-high, but ya know, somewhere in that ballpark. Penis Pump Ballpark, by the way,(“home of your Pittsburgh Pirates!”) really has a nice ring … Continue reading


Revolver Shaped Rechargeable Screwdriver 1

Revolver Shaped Screwdriver

Completing a much needed home improvement project is one of life’s rewarding accomplishments, but damn, all those tedious tasks on the road to Tool Time. Kinda style-cramping, no? We say inject some fun into the DIY lifestyle with this revolver … Continue reading


Double Decker Mac and Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco

Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco

We’ve seen a lot of uses for bacon, but actually physically weaving bacon slices together is one of those brilliant ideas that we’re surprised Einstein didn’t focus on instead of that E=mc2 nonsense. Instead, it’s Nick of DudeFoods who will likely … Continue reading


Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel Built Into Swiss Alps 1

Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel Built Into Swiss Alps

We’ve found the perfect place to take your Swiss Miss: the Berggasthaus Aescher. OK, so she won’t coo with anticipation when she hears you butcher that name, but when you tell her the two of you will be spending the weekend … Continue reading


Best Pool Tables

12 Must Have Pool Tables for the Man Cave

It’s a well known fact. A man cave is not a man cave without a pool table. Sure you and your boys can still hang out and watch the fights, but a pool table is the solidifying piece to any … Continue reading


The Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine 0

The Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine

While Miracle Whip may be a decent little mayonnaise-like spread, we can probably all agree that Kraft is stretching the definition of ‘miracle’ there. For something much more worthy of the word, check out The Miracle Machine, which promises to … Continue reading


2015 Ducati Diavel 1

2015 Ducati Diavel

Since its 2010 debut, Ducati’s Diavel has been steadily winning over the critics who didn’t think Ducati should be in the cruiser business to begin with. With some notable  tweaks to its styling and power, the 2015 iteration looks like … Continue reading


Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

The current Jedi master of confectionery creations, Dominique Ansel, has done it again. Not satisfied with creating last year’s highly sought-after Cronut, Dominique has now morphed the chocolate chip cookie with the requisite glass of milk. This is a shot … Continue reading


Cabin Porn Book 0

Cabin Porn

There seems to be two ways people use the word ‘porn’ these days. The first way refers to videos of naked men and women physically showing how much they love each other. The second is like, a feast of images … Continue reading