The Walking Dead Disney Characters 0

The Walking Dead Disney Characters

After the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead last night, artist Kasami-Sensei decided to pay homage to one of our all time favorite shows with his series imagining what Disney characters would look like if they were zombie survivors … Continue reading


BMW E30 TM Concept30 1

BMW E30 TM Concept30

The E30 has long been one of our favorite body styles from BMW. The German auto maker used the body style to introduce the first ever M3, which has of course gone on to become an icon in the automotive … Continue reading


Bullet Chess Sets 0

Bullet Chess Sets

The downside to being a bad shot? All that used ammo to clean up. The upside? Creative craft projects with bullets! These chess sets handmade from bullet shell casings bring a new level of machismo to an already macho, well, thinking man’s macho … Continue reading


The Pole House In Fairhaven Australia 00

The Pole House In Fairhaven, Australia

Everything in Australia is over the top; from the Fosters-chugging great whites to the amazing panache that they build opera houses with. If a trip down under is on your agenda, you might as well go all out and book … Continue reading


David Brown Speedback GT 1

David Brown Speedback GT

While the thought of creating a new high-powered sports car from scratch initially intrigues us, we admit we’d probably tap out on the whole deal after the third day of meetings on what kind of intake manifold we’d be using. … Continue reading


Texas Quail Rigs 1

Texas Quail Rigs

Like seeing a grumpy Jerry Jones at a Cowboys game, quail hunting is a Texas tradition. But what’s unique and perhaps not well-known about this tradition is the mode of transportation often used by the hunters. Texas Quail Rigs is … Continue reading


Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster

Thinking about joining the forces of evil? Ready to commit to the Dark Side? Wanna learn whatever skills necessary in order to slay Jar Jar Binks? Hang on, Sparky. First let’s see if you can even handle the dark side … Continue reading


Cool Tea Infusers

Tea Time: The 20 Coolest Tea Infusers

Tea drinkers already know that you’ll need a good tea infuser in order to enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea. Most of them also know that there’s a seemingly endless number of options out there when it comes to selecting … Continue reading


Pearce Knives Forged From Hardware Tools 0

Pearce Knives Forged From Hardware Tools

The ability to make knives out of household items sounds like the kind of thing that would come in handy in prison, or perhaps backstage at the Tonys. But no, there are more opportunities for this skill. Plus they’re legal … Continue reading


Bell Ross B-Rocket Watch 1

Bell & Ross B-Rocket Watch

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new wristwatch design, you could do a lot worse than a crush-worthy concept motorcycle. Like, chicken salad, for example. That would be a weird and bad subject to draw inspiration from. Fortunately, Bell … Continue reading