Peugeot 2008 DKR

Peugeot 2008 DKR Rally Car

Peugeot has been MIA from the Dakar Rally for well over two decades, but the brand looks to break that dry spell for 2015. Teaming up with both Red Bull Motorsports and Total, Peugeot has unveiled their 2008 DKR. As … Continue reading


Christina Hendricks for Rhapsody Magazine

Web Consumption: Christina Hendricks for Rhapsody Magazine

The Walking Dead may be out of the picture for now, but that leaves plenty of time for Game of Thrones and Mad Men. And that means we get to enjoy Christina Hendricks every Sunday evening. Check out these stories … Continue reading


Best Stout Beers

Darkly Delicious: The 15 Best Stouts

Stouts come in many different varieties, such as imperial stouts, milk stouts, and coffee stouts – all of which have their own unique characteristics. But if you’ve never ventured away from the common brews–like Guinness–you’re missing out on a world … Continue reading


Hisy Bluetooth Remote For Selfies 0

Hisy Bluetooth Remote For Selfies

Pity the poor alligator, unable to take a selfie with his terribly short alligator arms. But now there’s help on the way for the alligator, any surviving T-Rexes, and everybody else who wants to take a picture of themselves without having … Continue reading


Driving Curve 0

Driving Curve: Gamify Your Drive Home

‘Gamification’ has become a hot trend in recent years. It basically means using video game-like principles or mechanics in non-game contexts for education, business, fitness, or some other objective. In the case of Drive Curve, it’s gaming for the iPhone-owning, … Continue reading


Lifta Minimalist Desk Organizer 1

Lifta Minimalist Desk Organizer

We don’t know about you, but here’s what’s on our desk right now: a 24” monitor, keyboard, mouse, red plastic cup half-full of seltzer, two-week-old Greek peach yogurt lid, the empty Blu-ray case to Rise of the Planet of the … Continue reading


Maarno Folding Rowboat 1

Maarno Folding Rowboat

“You’re gonna need a smaller boat,” said no one who ever went after a Great White. But for the dude who just likes to occasionally get out in the lake to see what’s biting, a small boat is all he … Continue reading


Pit Barrel Cooker

Pit Barrel Cooker

“Getting vertical” in skateboarding, snowboarding, or junior college intramural pole vaulting, takes a lot of practice. And with practice comes boo boos. We say screw the boo boos and get vertical with your meat (not that kind, perv), via the … Continue reading


HACKxTACK Magnetic Lens Cap Holder 1

HACKxTACK Magnetic Lens Cap Holder

Anyone who’s ever used a DSLR camera knows just how easy it is to lose track of those pesky lens caps. You take them off to capture some shots, and somehow, someway, they are never seen again. HACKxTACK looks to … Continue reading


Flying Dog Mint Chocolate Stout 0

Flying Dog Mint Chocolate Stout

The explosion of craft beer in recent years has led to a lot of experimentation on the brewing scene, and we’re definitely not complaining. The latest creation comes to us in the form of Flying Dog’s Mint Chocolate Stout. The … Continue reading