Bee Biobased Electric Scooter 1

Be.e Biobased Electric Scooter

At first blush, the sound of an environmentally friendly scooter sounds about as thrilling as a trip to the lint museum. But hang on, oh purveyor of stray textile fibers. The Be.e electric scooter designed by Dutch firm Waarmakers is … Continue reading


Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow Cork 1

Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow Cork

If it’s not bottling up your vino or getting push pins stuck into it, cork is pretty much useless, right? Wrong. The creative types at Vans say cork is now also footwear-ready, and they’ve got a pair of shoes to … Continue reading


Homemade 900-Shot Fireworks Machine Gun

Homemade 900-Shot Fireworks Machine Gun

Even if you shoot some great video, sometimes it takes a few days before you get around to uploading it. We’re assuming that’s what happened with YouTube user iZHarms, who posted one of the better fireworks-related pieces we’ve seen from … Continue reading


R-KAID-R Handcrafted Portable Arcade System 1

R-KAID-R Handcrafted Portable Arcade System

When it comes to portable gaming systems, something like the PS Vita or NVIDIA Shield certainly represents modern technology well. But what if “modern” is not your highest priority? What if retro styling and classy craftsmanship are your goals? Enter … Continue reading


Maurizio Cattelan Snow Globe

L.O.V.E. Middle Finger Snow Globe

We’re not really sure what the deal is with so many young people flashing the middle finger in their social media pictures, but classy it is not. Know what is classy? Flashing the middle finger in a snow globe based on a renowned artist’s sculpture! … Continue reading


Best National Parks in America

The 15 Best National Parks In America

There are 59 national parks in the United States, created to protect the country’s stunning natural beauty, plants, animals, and in some cases, diverse ecosystems. It’s been said their existence is the best idea we ever had. To have to choose the best among them is a … Continue reading


Best Weed Eaters Wackers

String Theory: The 7 Best Weed Eaters

Weeds. They come into your yard, leave gaping holes in your lawn, choke your azalea bushes, and make lewd comments about your girlfriend. They’re a scourge. A blight on right-thinking people who are just trying to put a little more … Continue reading


Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Electric Vehicle 0

Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Electric Vehicle

Perhaps the last frontier for hybrid vehicles to conquer is the off-road segment. Most people pigeonhole hybrids as being strictly for daily commuters in an urban environment, but how about bypassing the asphalt altogether? That’s what the Nimbus e-Car promises … Continue reading


Elevated Timber WorkShop by Invisible Studio 0

Elevated Timber WorkShop by Invisible Studio

Maybe we’ve just got Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on the brain, but the idea of living or least working among the trees is increasingly a tempting one. Invisible Studio’s elevated timber structure only reinforces this desire. Situated … Continue reading


Infinity Pillow 1

Infinity Pillow

Like that 25th guy on an MLB roster who can play short, second, right field, catcher, and even sell peanuts if has to, the Infinity Pillow is all about versatility. Modeled after the Möbius strip, this jack-of-all-comfort-trades is at your … Continue reading