Audi R8 LMX

Audi R8 LMX

This may look just like your typical, badass R8, but don’t get it twisted. The German auto makers behind the Audi R8 LMX have introduced a few new features that are sure to set this thing apart from the standard … Continue reading


Harley-Davidson The Hardley by Revival Cycles 0

Harley-Davidson ‘The Hardley’ by Revival Cycles

Although they’re best known for their work on custom Moto Guzzi bikes, the Austin, Texas based team at Revival Cycles decided to step outside the box on their latest effort. Introducing The Hardley, a beautiful, yet rugged one-off Harley-Davidson custom. … Continue reading


Cover Blubber Fruit Preservation

Cover Blubber Fruit Preservation

Over the years we’ve seen a ton of attempts at fruit preservation, but nothing that’s really wow’d us – until now that is. Cover Blubber lets you easily cover up any unused fruit, keeping it fresh for your next hankering. … Continue reading


Best Drip Coffee Makers

The Daily Grind: 6 Best Drip Coffee Makers

The drip coffee maker. It is as common as dirt and you can find one for free if you don’t mind looting the gift table at a wedding; but if you want one that can truly help turn your freshly … Continue reading


Mahabis Slippers 1

Mahabis Slippers

As we it, a man should not be confined to slipper usage while only at home. In fact, there are many places where one’s foot comfort should be maximized; like, on line to ride Space Mountain, for example. Now we’re not saying … Continue reading


Steve McQueens 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB4 for Sale 0

Steve McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 for Sale

We don’t know how they do it, but somehow Elvis, James Dean, and Steve McQueen continue to maintain their off-the-charts cool quotients, even decades after their deaths. Mr. McQueen, he of The Sand Pebbles, The Great Escape, and The Magnificent … Continue reading


Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer

It pained us to have to leave Rise of the Planet of the Apes off our 50 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of All Time list. Not only because it really was a great movie, but also because it was that ultra-rare … Continue reading


Bosch Pen Line Laser Level 1

Bosch Pen Line Laser Level

Sure we’d all like to have seen laser blasters on sale at Target by now, but in the meantime we’ll have to be satisfied with getting lasers in our life any frickin’ way we can. Take Bosch’s GPLL5 Pen Line Laser … Continue reading


Johnny Catch Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Johnny Catch Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Whether you’re a 5-year-old boy or a member of the Insane Clown Posse, everyone is awed by magnets. What’s the weird science at work behind them? Don’t ask us. But one thing we do know is that adding magnets to … Continue reading


Best Treehouse Hotels

The 20 Coolest Treehouse Hotels In The World

It has been said that life is just one long journey back to the treehouse. That the treehouse is a return to childhood, a connection to our primal beginnings. With more and more resorts offering treetop accommodation, we’ve gathered together the 20 coolest treehouse hotels … Continue reading