Leather Notebook Wallet by Kendal Hyde

Leather Notebook Wallet by Kendal & Hyde

Whether you’re a journalist, contractor, aspiring comedian or rapper, or hey, maybe just a ballsy guy who likes to rank the girl he’s on a date with as it’s happening, having a pen and notepad in your pocket can come … Continue reading


Tuna Knobs 1

Tuna Knobs

Even as digital technology grows by leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s the unlikely merging of the digital and the analog that amazes us most. Case in point here with Tuna Knobs, control knobs that you stick to your touchscreen to … Continue reading


Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera Lens 1

Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera Lens

Attaching a camera lens to your smartphone is a novel idea that’s gained popularity in recent years. But it’s safe to say that no brand has made a practical product actually worth purchasing at this point. The Olympus Air A01 … Continue reading


Topo x Woolrich Duffel Bag 1

Topo x Woolrich Duffel Bag

Anytime two quality brands get together, it’s magic in the making. The collaboration between the Colorado based crew at Topo Design and outdoor brand Woolrich was just that, as the companies present their all new duffel bag. Topo’s duffels are … Continue reading


James Brand Chapter Knife 1

James Brand Chapter Knife

Knife brands are a dime dozen, but finding good ones – now that’s a more difficult task to accomplish. Oregon-based James Brand looks to add their names to this short list with the release of the Chapter Knife. It’s easily … Continue reading


Converse All Star Chuck 70 Leather 1

Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Leather

Converse is taking it old school with their new sneakers, offering up a pair of kicks inspired by the 1970s, but infused with modern day details. Say hello the Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Leather. Since 1917, the Chuck Taylor … Continue reading


Dubai Police Departments Super Patrol Cars 1

Dubai Police Department’s Super Patrol Cars

If you’ve ever thought of running from the cops during a visit to Dubai, do yourself a favor and don’t do it. Dubai recently flaunted their $6.5 million police car fleet, and now they’ve created a nice little night time … Continue reading


Best Snow Sleds

Hill Folk: The 7 Best Snow Sleds

Sure, you can strap on an expensive pair of skis or a snowboard and head off to a resort where there’s a mass of other tourists sipping cocoa and taking runs, but where’s the fun in that? You could also try … Continue reading


Taurus First 24 Survival Kit 1

Taurus First 24 Survival Kit

Horrific catastrophes are – as a general rule – major buzzkills. But somebody has to plan for them, and Taurus has stepped up to the plate with a case full of survival items that seem especially useful if things get … Continue reading


Mamba 10-Foot Long Lightning Cable 1

Mamba 10-Foot Long Lightning Cable

If you’ve ever needed to use your phone while it was charging up, you know the awkward contortions your head and body must make in these situations. While this does prepare you to dominate at Twister later on, it’s generally … Continue reading