Anti-Monster Emergency Kits 1

Anti-Monster Emergency Kits

It’s a known fact that we love zombies around these parts (and really any kind of monsters for that matter), so it should come as no surprise that we instantly fell in love with these Anti-Monster Emergency Kits. Designed by … Continue reading


Rolls Royce Ghost by Spofec

Rolls-Royce Ghost SPOFEC by Novitec

Novitec is a name that’s crossed our desks several times in the past. The tuner has built a reputation for modifying Ferraris, and now they’re looking to diversify their offerings with the Rolls-Royce Ghost SPOFEC. SPOFEC, short for Spirit of … Continue reading


Best Winter Boots

Out In The Cold: The 12 Best Winter Boots

Winter is weird and unpredictable at the best of times and given the odds that a repeat performance of the Polar Vortex is likely, expect the cold months to be unusual in the most unpleasant way possible. What this means … Continue reading


Nixie Wearable Flying Camera 1

Nixie Wearable Flying Camera

No matter how popular it may become, the handheld selfie’s reputation will always be closely tied to the self-obsessed teenager, and that’s just not cool—especially for a grown man. But a self-portrait from your personal quadcopter hovering 20 feet above you? … Continue reading


J'ade Superyacht by CRN 1

J’ade Superyacht by CRN

CRN’s J’ade is like the turducken of the boating world. No, not because John Madden drools over it; because it’s like got that duck-inside-of-a-chicken-inside-of-a-turkey thing going on with a floating garage located inside the 197’ long superyacht. Made from aluminum … Continue reading


Batman Evolution Musical Medley

Batman Evolution Musical Medley

Arguments over which iteration of Batman is the all-time best have grown a little tiresome at this point. It’s safe to say Christopher Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight was the most powerful, with the 90s animated show serving as … Continue reading


Olaf Scooters 1

Olaf Scooters

When you’re late for a flight, you’ve got the weight of 1,000 butterflies churning in your stomach, but if you don’t have the power of 100 horses in your legs, you just might miss that final boarding call. The Olaf … Continue reading


Minipresso Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Machine 1

Minipresso Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Machine

Previously, enjoying a piping hot espresso while camping or fishing was about as practical as crocheting while kitesurfing. But Minipresso from Wacaco promises to make any on-the-go situation perfect for everyone’s favorite little potent and pressure-packed coffee. This is a hand-powered … Continue reading


Haven Smart Lock 1

Haven Smart Lock

The smartlock has become a popular target for product innovators, but it seems that everyone has the same thought process – using outdated, vulnerable dead bolts. Haven challenges this, creating a a stronger smartlock for a safer future. After some … Continue reading


Walther Tactical Tomahawk

Walther Tactical Tomahawk

James Bond has wielded a lot of weapons during his days, and the Walther PPK is the most famous firearm used by 007 to date. In addition to firearms, the brand also makes a pretty awesome battle axe (among many … Continue reading