Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Of The Seas Surfboard 1

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Of The Seas Surfboard

The German auto makers at Mercedes-Benz are stepping outside of the box for latest project, teaming up with ad agency BBDO Portugal to design the brand’s first ever surfboard. Aptly titled ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas,’ this beautiful surfboard was … Continue reading


Das Park Sewage Pipe Hotel in Austria 1

Das Park Sewage Pipe Hotel in Austria

When most people dream about the ultimate vacation destination, we can pretty much guarantee you that sleeping inside a sewage pipe doesn’t top the list. That didn’t stop designer Andreas Strauss from creating a hotel made entirely of just that … Continue reading


Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer

Web Consumption: Captain America The Winter Solider Trailer

Having Marvel movie withdrawals? The Disney owned comic brand is heading back to the big screen this summer. See what else happening around the interwebs. 1. Marvel keeps their presence on the big screen strong as they unveil the official … Continue reading


Triumph Scrambler The Dirt Bike 1

Triumph Scrambler ‘The Dirt Bike’ By British Customs

Known as one of the top worldwide suppliers of parts for Triumph motorcycles, the enthusiasts at British Customs also like to build their own bikes. They’re fond of using pre-existing Triumph models and putting their own touches on them, as is the case with … Continue reading


Super Bobble Head Heroes 1

Super Bobble Head Heroes

Boy that Tony Stark sure has a big head, doesn’t he? Yes he does. And so does Bruce Wayne’s Batman, Peter Parker’s Spider Man, and all of the costumed crime fighters depicted in the Super Bobble Head Heroes series from the … Continue reading


Lumio Unfolding LED Book Lamp 1

Lumio Unfolding LED Book Lamp

Sounding a little bit like Mario and Luigi’s long lost brother, but thankfully with none of the extravagant facial hair, is Lumio: an LED lamp that looks like a book when it’s closed, but opens up to yield an impressive … Continue reading


No More Woof Dog Speech Translator 1

No More Woof Dog Speech Translator

Have you ever heard your dog bark a few times and thought, “Hey, that really sounded like Fido was discussing the complex moral structure involved with Breaking Bad!”? OK, probably not. But the larger point here is he might’ve been opining on … Continue reading


Vespa Inspired Segway Scooter 1

Vespa Inspired Segway Scooter

We’re hoping this Zero Vespa Segway turns out to be a big thing, because if it gets big enough, mall security guards will have to trade in their Segways for these noticeably cooler Vespa-styled rides. But even if that doesn’t happen, there’s lots … Continue reading


Modern Villa F Residence in Greece 1

Modern Villa F Residence in Greece

James Bond may have all the best gadgetry, but when it comes to the digs, the Bond villains most certainly have the upper hand. A serious contender for the perfect Bond villain home, the Villa F residence is located right … Continue reading


2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Jet Ski 2

2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310: The World’s Most Powerful Jet Ski

Kawasaki looks to one-up itself this summer with the release of the world’s most powerful jet ski watercraft. So just how much power does this Japanese built watercraft produce you ask? The 2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310 pumps out a staggering … Continue reading