Rocketskates 1

Action Rocketskates

Whenever we see kids wearing those Heelys, the shoes with the wheels in the heel, we use our outside voice to say “Damn kids, they need to watch where they’re going.” But our inside voices are saying “Damn, why don’t … Continue reading


Game of Thrones Season 4 Visual Effects Reel

Game of Thrones Season 4 Visual Effects Reel

One of the reasons Game of Thrones is such a rewarding viewing experience is its universe; a very believable smorgasbord of people, places and things. So if you’d like to keep it that way and maintain that illusion, do not watch … Continue reading


Tree In The House in Almaty Kazakhstan 1

Tree In The House in Almaty, Kazakhstan

These days, tree houses built in the middle of nowhere are much more common. But a tree growing within a house, now that’s something we don’t see every day. Say hello to the aptly titled ‘Tree In The House.’ Led by … Continue reading


Ferrari 458 Speciale by Novitec Rosso 1

Ferrari 458 Speciale by Novitec Rosso

When your factory Ferrari 458 Speciale just isn’t enough, the German tuners at Novitec Rosso are on standby, waiting to give you a supercar makeover. The brand’s latest project sees a 458 draped head to toe in carbon fiber components, … Continue reading


ESPN Magazine Body Issue- Naked World Class Athletes 1

ESPN Body Issue 2014: Naked World Class Athletes

ESPN has proved that taking off your clothes doesn’t always have to objectify. In fact their annual “Body Issue” is proving that posing nude can be both provocative and tasteful. The 2014 issue sees some of our favorite world class … Continue reading


Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

We’ve been infatuated with Nerf since our childhood days, and as we get older, it only becomes more apparent that we will always love shooting co-workers with these iconic toy darts. This holiday season, the brand we all know and love … Continue reading


Verruckt- Worlds Tallest Water Slide POV Video

Verruckt: World’s Tallest Water Slide POV Video

Over the past week, Schlitterbahn in Kansas City has been the talk of the internet as the water park unveiled Verruckt, the world’s tallest water slide. Now just hearing that this was the world’s tallest water slide piqued our interest, … Continue reading


Best Push Lawnmowers

Tiniest Shove: The 5 Best Push Lawnmowers

The term “push lawnmower” seems simple enough, but it might leave you marginally confused. Most of us harken back to the rusty spiral machine that our parents had in our garage. While it claimed it could cut grass, it usually … Continue reading


CORTICA Cork-Covered Porcelain Travel Mug 1

CORTICA Cork-Covered Porcelain Travel Mug

Some guys spend decades painstakingly looking for the perfect woman or the perfect career. Robert Knox spent decades looking for the perfect travel mug. Low-scale dream? Sure. But thanks to his dogged pursuit of that mild-mannered goal, we now have … Continue reading


1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor For Sale 1

’67 Mustang GT500 ‘Eleanor’ from Gone in 60 Seconds For Sale

We haven’t really thought much about Gone in 60 Seconds since we saw it some 14 years ago (that’s the one where Nicholas Cage does a lot of overacting, right?), but we do recall there were some ferocious automobiles in … Continue reading