Refold Portable Cardboard Standing Desk 1

Refold Portable Cardboard Standing Desk

The standing desk is one of the most underrated and overlooked ways to better your body. Wanna trim that spare tire? Substitute standing for sitting 8 hours a day. That’s what makes the Refold Portable Cardboard Standing Desk so appealing. … Continue reading


Extreme Hammock Adventure in Monte Piana 1

Extreme Hammock Adventure in Monte Piana

The worst time of the day for a thrill-seeker? Overnights. The true adventurist utterly despises having to lay dormant eight hours a night as his body recovers. That’s what makes the International Highline Meeting in Monte Piana such a draw for those that … Continue reading


Spira Magnetic iPhone Charger And Clock

Spira Magnetic iPhone Charger And Clock

Like an unemployed Tropicana truck driver, your phone needs juice. We all do. But the question is, will you just plug in the charger, or use the whole process as an opportunity for pizazz? If it’s the latter, let’s examine … Continue reading


Best Western Movies

The 25 Best Western Movies of All Time

Westerns are what your grandfather grew up watching. He’d walk four miles (uphill, both ways, no shoes, one sock) to the only theater in town, plunk down his 25 cents, and watch John Wayne do his stuff. As a whole, … Continue reading


Plastc All-In-One Credit Card

Plastc All-In-One Credit Card

There’s a lot of things we’ve sacrificed to trim down our bulky wallets, but credit and debit cards are something we simply can’t live without. Well now you can hold all of your cards on one device with Plastc. Much … Continue reading


Hupomone Ranch in California 1

Hupomone Ranch in California

A man’s home can say a lot about that said man, and that’s exactly the case with this dwelling. In an attempt to reflect their commitment to sustainable farming, this young family transformed an old barn house into a stunning … Continue reading


KS_Story v4

TAKTIK 360 & AQUATIK Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases

LUNATIK is a name that we’ve come to know quite well. Over the past few generations of iPhones, the brand has built some of the best protective cases on the market, and they show no signs of slowing down with … Continue reading


Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi-tool 1

Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi-Tool

While we never leave the home without our trusty multi-tool, there’s a common theme with all of them that can get some of you out there into trouble – they all include some sort of blade or knife. Gerber has … Continue reading


Dear Kitten Regarding The Dog

Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog

After the breakthrough success of the original “Dear Kitten” video (16+ million views and counting on YouTube alone), it should come as no surprise that Purina has decided to continue the hilarious series with “Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog.” Teaming … Continue reading


Best Work Boots

Stand and Deliver: The 14 Best Work Boots

A nice pair of shoes will let you go jogging or look nice when you’re trying to make a first impression, but they won’t get things done. That is what work boots are for. When you put on your finest … Continue reading