Jack Wireless Guitar Cable 1

Jack Wireless Guitar Cable

Guitar players, you’re about to know Jack, and your jam sessions may never be the same. The Jack: Wireless Guitar Cable streams your strums via Wi-Fi, so every chord you connect on is captured in 24-bit, uncompressed studio quality audio … Continue reading


Jaguar Project 7MC Concept 1

Jaguar Project 7MC Concept Motorcycle

Free from the real-world constraints that too often hamper the creation of a new vehicle, Hungarian Designer Tamas Jakus has created a dazzling concept motorcycle, combining two badass British-born vehicles into one dream machine. Behold the Jaguar Project 7MC. This … Continue reading


LG Electronics Door-in-DoorTM Open

LG Door-In-Door Mega-Capacity Refrigerator

Once again it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when the latest advances in bleeding edge audio, video, and computer gadgetry is unveiled. Oh, and refrigerators. Yes, LG’s Door-In-Door Mega-Capacity fridges (model LPXS34886C) has seriously caught our … Continue reading


LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial 1

LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial

Perhaps you’ve built some beautiful towers, tunnels, and weird, what-the-hell-is-that-anyway structures in your days as a LEGO architect, but you’ve surely never built a fitting structure for probably America’s greatest president. Now you can. Yes, the iconic Lincoln Memorial in … Continue reading


Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap 1

Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap

Want the class and style of your mechanical watch, but still crave some smart functionality? The new Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap promises to turn any timepiece into a smartwatch as it attaches to any 20 or 22mm strap and … Continue reading


Best Beard Combs

Well-Kempt: The 7 Best Beard Combs

Proving your manhood and virility used to be as simple as just having a beard. The faster, thicker, and fuller you could grow one, the more the world knew that you were a man – or in some Eastern European … Continue reading


Flow Programmable Wireless Controller 1

Flow Programmable Wireless Controller

If the idea of one stylish, intuitive, advanced, programmable, wireless controller for your computer and connected devices sounds intriguing, you’ll want to investigate Flow, an Indiegogo project out of Berlin, Germany. With hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch, and precise haptics, … Continue reading


Audi Exclusive RS6 Avant 1

Audi Exclusive RS6 Avant

Parents may know it’s never wise to play favorites, but Audi’s like, “Ehhh…whatever… here’s another exclusive for mainland Europe and the United Kingdom!” The Audi Exclusive RS6 Avant won’t be coming to the United States, but since this’ll run you … Continue reading


Pallet Street Cruiser by Salvaged Skateboards 1

Pallet Street Cruiser by Salvaged Skateboards

What becomes of the lonely pallet once a retailer takes its goods off them? It’s a question we – with good reason – never thought of before. But we now have at least one answer: they get turned into skateboards. … Continue reading


Menu Champagne Sabre

Menu Champagne Sabre

Did your champagne toast lack that extra something this year? Has traditional cork-popping lost its pizzazz? Plan now to make sure your New Year’s Eve 2015 celebration climaxes spectacularly with the Menu Champagne Sabre. With one swing of this one … Continue reading