MVP Aero Model 3 Seaplane Camper

We all want to “get away from it all” at various times in our lives, but driving 40 minutes and booking a room at the Red Roof Inn hardly qualifies as such. The MVP Aero Model 3 could redefine what … Continue reading


24K Solid Gold Mountain Bike 1

24K Gold Mountain Bike

It seems everything is getting the gold treatment these days, from our iPhone cases to our whiskey chillers. It looks like not even our 2-wheeled companion is safe from the trend as we take a gander at this 24K Gold … Continue reading


Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless in New York 1

Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless in New York

Most people spend their days off relaxing, catching up on much needed rest and sleep – but not Mark Bustos. The New York based hair stylist spends his Sunday (his only day off from work) giving free haircuts to the … Continue reading


All-Electric DeLorean DMC-12 EV 0

All-Electric DeLorean DMC-12 EV

It probably won’t send you back to the future when the speedo hits 88 mph, but the all-electric DeLorean DMC-12 EV looks just like the one from the films – and it’s gearing up to hit the streets soon. Fans … Continue reading


David Belisle Greatest Little League World Series Speech

David Belisle: The Greatest Little League Speech Ever

Growing up playing baseball, we know just how much this sport (and youth sports in general) can help build character for children. And this heart warming speech by little league coach Dave Belisle shows exactly what we’re talking about. Dave … Continue reading


Taku-Tanku Mobile Shelter by Sterotank 1

Taku-Tanku Mobile Shelter by Sterotank

The New York based team at Sterotank is capitalizing on the tiny house movement as they unveil Taku-Tnaku, a portable tiny house that can be towed by your bicycle. The lightweight shelter was created as part of of design competition, and … Continue reading


Best Travel Backpacks

Sack Up: The 7 Best Travel Backpacks

Travelers have long felt a gap in their options for luggage. Backpackers had their hefty frames that let them go for days in the wilderness. Business travelers had their briefcases and cute little rolling suitcases, but what about the people … Continue reading


Han Solo Blaster Made From LEGOs

Han Solo Blaster Made From LEGOs

We’re not sure if J.J. Abrams has picked out all of his props yet for Star Wars: Episode VII, but we’re putting our two cents in for Harrison Ford to use this LEGO DL-44 blaster in the new movie. It’s … Continue reading


HexHog All-Terrain Off-Road Wheelchair 1

HexHog All-Terrain Off-Road Wheelchair

It’s probably safe to say that the thrill seeker’s spirit has very little do with his body and everything to do with his brain. That’s why it’s so cool to see something like the HexHog, an all-terrain off-road wheelchair, designed for … Continue reading


McLaren P1 GTR 1

McLaren P1 GTR

If you thought the legend of the McLaren F1 would just grow dusty, you’re wrong. The British-based auto manufacturer is revving up those memories with the new McLaren P1 GTR, a speed demon that’s faster than any of us are probably … Continue reading