Best Fish Finders

Fin Traps: The 5 Best Fish Finders

Fish are crafty. You can spend an entire day casting over and over yet never get a nibble if you aren’t sure where they’re congregating. With fishing on the rise it is becoming harder and harder to find decent pockets … Continue reading


Roomoon Hanging Tent 1

Roomoon Hanging Tent

Sometimes we daydream about chillin at the International Space Station; then we think about all the grueling training involved with getting to that point—no thanks. So, in aiming our sights a little lower, we’ve come across the lovely little roomoon … Continue reading


SBarefoot Waterskiers Being Towed By A Plane

Barefoot Waterskiers Being Towed By A Plane

With all of the water sports that have been invented in the past couple of decades, we had kinda forgotten about good ol’ waterskiing. But after seeing this video, we’re totally like “Old buddy! Get over here and give us … Continue reading


Mikey Digital Studio-Quality Mic For iPhone 5 1

Mikey Digital Studio-Quality Mic For iPhone 5

Sometimes that brilliant jam session happens with no mics around, and explaining it to someone the next day is about as effective as holding your hands apart to describe the fish you almost caught. Be ready to capture anything – … Continue reading



The Barisieur Coffee-Making Alarm Clock

Folgers may not exactly be king of the coffee mountain, but that slogan they came up with is legendary. Yes, for many people, the best part of waking up is in the coffee in their cup; but what about that … Continue reading


AgLocal Meat Delivery

AgLocal Meat Delivery

Settling for supermarket-quality meat is totally fine… if you’re a settler. But odds are you’re not, and that’s why we’re telling you about AgLocal, an online marketplace for consumers to buy fresh meats, yogurts and eggs from family farms. Let’s … Continue reading


Safe House Zombie-Proof Fortress in Poland 0

‘Safe House’ Zombie-Proof Fortress in Poland

Look people, the zombie apocalypse is coming. Whether you want to believe it or not, well that’s your choice. When shit does hit the fans though, one thing’s for certain; whoever owns this zombie-proof “Safe House” fortress up will be … Continue reading


Porsche 911 Indonesia by Singer Design 3

Porsche 911 ‘Indonesia’ by Singer Design

For Porsche fans, Singer Vehicle Design is a household name – and rightfully so. The team at Singer build the absolute most beautiful Porsches on the planet. Don’t believe us? Just feast your eyes upon one of the latest projects … Continue reading


Jasper Wallet by Mr Lentz 1

Jasper Snap Wallet by Mr. Lentz

Our friend and neighbor Mr. Lentz is back to his old ways, rolling out a  beautiful new slim-profile wallet for the summer season. The Jasper Wallet is the latest creation to hit the scene from the San Diego cowboy, and it’s … Continue reading


BMW M235i The Epic Driftmob 0

BMW M235i The Epic Driftmob

There’s nobody in the game making better car commercials than the folks at BMW, and the new “Epic Driftmob” video shows that the German brand has no intentions of slowing things down either. After taking the BMW M4 on the … Continue reading