Sheepskin Bean Bag 1

Sheepskin Bean Bag

No matter how old you get, from 5 to 50, a wide open bean bag chair always presents a tempting target for your hind quarters. But when that bean bag is made from natural sheepskin, whoa… you’ve found your heiney … Continue reading


Smart Rope- LED Smart Jump Rope 1

Smart Rope: LED Smart Jump Rope

Somehow we can’t picture Rocky Balboa skipping a rope with embedded LEDs in it, and that’s fine—we don’t care for throwing hooks at meats slabs either. But for us, the modern man whose attention span is shorter than leprechaun shins, … Continue reading


Oakley X Metal Collection 1

Oakley X Metal Collection

When you’re a successful company, sometimes you can afford to roll the dice. Oakley did just that back in the 90s with its X Metal line of shades, using high-tech materials and radical designs to set itself apart from the typical … Continue reading


2016 Indian Dark Horse Motorcycle 1

2016 Indian Dark Horse Motorcycle

Hoping to open the floodgates for a younger male audience, Indian has re-worked its entry-level offering as they debut the 2016 Indian Dark Horse Motorcycle. It’s everything you know and love from the company’s Chief Classic touring motorcycle, but without … Continue reading


Ultimate Collectors Series LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter 2

Ultimate Collectors Series LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter

As Disney gears up for a year-end release of Star Wars Episode VII, we’ve seen Star Wars really strengthen their partnership with LEGO. This time around the two powerhouse brands have teamed up for the Ultimate Collectors Series LEGO Star … Continue reading


Leatherman Tread QM1 Multi-Tool Watch 1

Leatherman Tread QM1 Multi-Tool Watch

There’s all this talk about wearables being the future, but there’s one thing that everyone seems to be missing- no one wants to wear any of this stuff that’s being produced. The fine folks at Leatherman decided to create a … Continue reading


Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Handle Mitt 2

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Handle Mitt

We are firm believers that every man’s kitchen must have at least one (if not multiple) cast iron skillets. While we do love cooking nearly everything in our Lodge skillets, having to slip gloves on and off while cooking can … Continue reading


Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited Edition 1

Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited Edition

At the top of the new year we announced that Land Rover would be sunsetting the greatest off-road vehicle ever built – the Defender. The brand is going out with a bang by releasing the Celebration series, and today we … Continue reading


Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

True Drip: The 7 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Coffee is a staple of life. Like whiskey, it was handed down from on high to help you get through the day without madness setting in. It’s a part of our morning ritual, our lunch ritual, our afternoon ritual, and … Continue reading


Stash iPhone 6 Case 1

Stash iPhone 6 Case

There’s tons of iPhone 6 cases out there, but many of them fall squarely into the gaudy, gimmicky, blingy kind of style. That’s great for teens, young women, and aspiring  rappers, but you might need something more statesman-like. Check out … Continue reading