Jaguar Mark 2 Redesigned By Ian Callum 1

Jaguar Mark 2 Redesigned By Ian Callum

Talk about your employee discounts. While working at The Gap gets you like, 5% off itchy socks, Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum has been blessed with this beautifully modified Jaguar Mark 2. The Mark 2 had a good run in … Continue reading


Chargeboard Skateboard 1

Chargeboard Skateboard

The words “genius” and “skateboard” don’t often go together in the same sentence, but here’s one time where they do. The Chargeboard is a fully functional longboard that has a docking station on its underbelly. The genius part here is that … Continue reading


Midual Type 1 Motorcycle 1

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle

This week in London, French motorcycle manufacturer Midual is taking the wraps off the two working prototypes of its Midual Type 1 model, and it’s probably quite fair to throw the term “masterpiece” around here. The Type 1 stands out … Continue reading


Kreweser Electric Trike With Cooler 01

Kreweser Electric Trike With Cooler

Show up late to the party; show up in a speedo and clown wig; show up late and with the speedo and clown wig; but whatever you do, do not show up without cold drinks. The Kreweser guarantees you’ll be the … Continue reading


Custom 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer 1

1954 Orvis Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer

The average person might scoff at the thought of going cross-country in a trailer that was built in 1954, but that all changes when you see this immaculately restored Airstream Flying Cloud. The crew at Timeless Travel Trailers has worked … Continue reading


Mercedes-Benz x Brabus Sprinter- Business Lounge Edition 1

Mercedes-Benz x Brabus Sprinter: Business Lounge Edition

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van was already considered a land mini-yacht by many, but Brabus really took things to the next level with their Business Lounge edition of the beloved “bus.” Unveiled at the Moscow International Automobile Salon, this long wheelbase … Continue reading


1965 Volkswagen 21-Window Deluxe Micro Bus 1

1965 Volkswagen 21-Window Deluxe Micro Bus

Different cultures call it different names – the Transporter, Kombi, Micro Bus, or Camper – but a Volkswagen Type 2 by any other name would still look as sweet. We’ve spotted one of these iconic vehicles, and it’s going up … Continue reading


2015 Volvo XC90  1

2015 Volvo XC90

After 12 long years of research and development, Volvo has unveiled the 2015 XC90, the first all-new vehicle developed under the brand’s Chinese ownership (Geely Holding) and a major step forward for the company. Under the hood, the standard XC90 offers … Continue reading


Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Re-Release 1

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Re-Release

To celebrate the 30th birthday of one our favorite SUVs of all time, the Japanese auto makers at Toyota have decided to re-release the iconic Land Cruiser 70. One of the most beloved off-road vehicles of all time, this Land … Continue reading


Schiller X1 Water Bicycle 1

Schiller X1 Water Bicycle

Dedicated bicycle lanes – when you can find them – aren’t exactly the most spacious parameters in which you can pedal away. You know what’s much roomier? The ocean. The Schiller X1 is billed as “the world’s most advanced production … Continue reading