Recycled Skateboard Wallet 1

Recycled Skateboard Wallet

Retail skateboard shops become a burial ground for old thrashed decks. Many shops discard the waste, but at the Lynchburg, Virginia-based Scene3 they give these old boards new life as part of your everyday carry with these recycled skateboard wallets. … Continue reading


Best Running Shoes For Men

Footrace: The 10 Best Running Shoes For Men

For all the P90x, zumba, hot yoga, and pilates exercises that are out there, few things can really compete with a good old-fashioned run for getting a workout. Once you’ve picked up the habit you’ll find the zen calm and … Continue reading


Nexx X60 Cork Helmet 1

Nexx X60 Cork Helmet

When choosing materials for a motorcycle helmet, cork would seem to be right below yoga mats and right above Styrofoam. Like, could something that keeps wine fresh also keep your dome dent-free? Apparently, yes. The X60 Cork helmet from Nexx … Continue reading


eXo iPhone 6 Case 1

eXo iPhone 6 Case

You forked over a pretty penny for that new iPhone 6, and while you want to protect it from the inevitable bumps and bruises, you’re not looking for some bulky case. The eXo iPhone 6 case offers up the perfect … Continue reading


Best Axes

Split Decision: The 7 Best Axes

Cutting wood is rapidly becoming an archaic and unpopular practice, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still necessary from time to time. In the same way you never hope to need a smoke detector, you should also have an axe … Continue reading


Fly Fishing Wallets 1

Fly Fishing Wallets

Considering how much TLC fly fishermen put into their hobby – the hand-tied flies, the big boots, the wacky hats you’re required to wear by law – it’s about time someone designed a wallet especially for them. Fly Fishing Collaborative … Continue reading


Bootlegger Photo Series Modular Backpack System 1

Bootlegger Photo Series Modular Backpack System

After seeing a wave of support on Kickstarter in 2013 for their Bootlegger Modular Pack System, California-based Boreas Gear is back. The Photo Series on the Bootlegger Modular Pack System lets you swap different pack bodies depending on the activity … Continue reading


Yeti Rambler Colster 1

Yeti Rambler Colster

Yeti is known for making high quality products that pack plenty of utility. Looking to reinvent the beer koozie as we know it, the brand has debuted their Yeti Rambler Colster. Part of the company’s Rambler series, the Colster is … Continue reading


MacBook EDC Kit by Cargo Works 1

MacBook EDC Kit by Cargo Works

Richard Lee and his crew at Cargo Works are passionate about everything related to carry, from bags to iPhone cases. Everything they build is designed with durability and functionality in mind, and the MacBook EDC Kit falls right in line. … Continue reading


Oregon Pint Glass 1

Oregon Pint Glass

They do things a little different in Oregon, as much of the country is now noticing (thanks, Portlandia). And one of the things they do differently is beer. With the most breweries of any city in the world, you’d best … Continue reading