Yamaha Rolls Out a Fully-Electric Trials Motorcycle Concept with the TY-E 2.0

Photos: Yamaha Motor Group

Back in 2018, the Yamaha Motor Group announced its Environmental Plan 2050 which aims to see every one of its divisions go fully carbon neutral by this century’s halfway point. On the heels of this announcement, the Tuning Fork Company rolled out several all-electric concepts including a proton-powered trials bike known as the TY-E. And now, after four years of advancements in the EV space, the Japanese moto-maker has returned to the drawing board to deliver a second-generation TY-E prototype that benefits from a host of major updates and improvements.

Created under Yamaha’s FUN x EV development concept, this electric trials bike concept aims to capitalize on the unparalleled acceleration and low-end torque afforded by EV powertrains. Not only has the electric AC synchronous motor been heavily-refined, receiving a mechanical clutch and flywheel that are paired with a specially-programmed and heavily-optimized electronic controller, but the swappable Lithium-ion battery that it draws from now packs roughly 2.5 times the capacity of the 2018 concept while weighing 20% less.

Additional weight savings are made possible through the use of a newly designed monocoque chassis with a unique X-shaped central structure that’s crafted from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and hugely improves rigidity. The bike now tips the scales at about as much as a 300cc petrol-powered trials bike, clocking in at around 155lbs. By relocating the power unit, the second-gen TY-E also sports a lower center of gravity compared to the 2018 iteration. Currently being shown off as a concept with no plans for entering production, this lightweight electric motorcycle also features 13.4” of ground clearance, along with a 51.5” wheelbase.

After recently being displayed at the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Yamaha’s new TY-E 2.0 is now slated to make its competition debut in select rounds of the FIM Trial World Championship starting this June with 11-time national champ Kenichi Kuroyama at the helm.

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