WhistlePig Launches the First 100% Rye Aged Non-Whiskey for Dry January

Jan 3, 2022

Category: Vices

Looking to sober up for Dry January but not willing to give up your old fashioneds and Manhattans? Well, WhistlePig has you covered with the world’s very first (and tastiest) aged non-whiskey made from 100% rye.

Releasing today, just in time for the trendy booze-free month, is WhistlePig PiggyBack Devil’s Slide. The buzz-free “non-whiskey” — which is listed at <1 proof and <0.5% alcohol — is aged for six years before being “undistilled” at the WhistlePig Farm & Distillery to ensure that the taste and experience are up to snuff. As for how one should imbibe WhistlePig’s unconventional rye, the whiskey experts at WhistlePig suggest a few mocktails dreamed up by bar manager Grey Miller of Julep in Ponte Vedra, FL. The first is a twist on a traditional Irish Coffee dubbed “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up” that consists of 2 oz. Devil’s Slide, 0.5 oz. maple syrup, 5 oz. freshly-brewed coffee, and an optional topping of whipped cream. The second is a booze-free maple old fashioned, the “On the Wagon Fashioned,” that contains 2 oz. Devil’s Slide, 0.25 oz. maple syrup, four dashes of non-alcoholic bitters, and a candied ginger garnish. Dry January isn’t sounding so bad all of the sudden.

With PiggyBack Devil’s Slide, WhistlePig isn’t merely jumping on some trend for Dry January — they’re actually looking out for bartenders. With bar attendance likely to decrease during the teetotalling month, WhistlePig will be donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of their non-whiskey to the U.S. Bartender’s Guild foundation. You can pick up your own bottle of PiggyBack Devil’s Slide for $50 from WhistlePig’s website.

Purchase: $50

Photo: WhistlePig Whiskey

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