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Timex’s World Time 1972 Reissue Is an Affordable Office GMT with Retro Nods

Timex World Time 1972 Reissue 0 Hero
Photo: Timex

Despite making its first wristwatches as far back as the First World War (and clocks since the mid-19th century), Timex really hit its stride in the quartz era. Luckily, the American-born brand holds pride in the references released during that time as well and is willing to reach back into the catalog for some fun re-releases. So far this year, Timex has more than impressed us with retro-inspired releases such as the IRONMAN Flix digital watch reissue from the ‘90s and the Todd Snyder Sky King Chronograph collab based on ‘60s military pieces. Now, the watchmaker has dipped back into the archives once more for a reissue of a forgotten-about piece from 1972.

Timex World Time 1972 Reissue 1
Photo: Timex

Coincidentally, 1972 happens to be the year that Timex unveiled its very-first quartz watch: the Q Timex. That same year, it debuted the Model 41, which ran on a non-quartz electric movement. Housed in a 39mm barrel-shaped stainless steel case with a leather strap, this new World Time 1972 Reissue utilizes the same aesthetic as that timepiece but swaps in a quartz crystal instead. Featuring a date window, the dial sports a vintage-looking tuxedo contrast, layered from black to white to black again moving outward. While the seconds hand is colored red, the hours and minutes hands are both off-white with lume inside.

Timex World Time 1972 Reissue 2
Photo: Timex

As an office GMT watch, the 1972 Reissue also sports a rotating bezel with 23 cities listed in order to determine what time it is all around the world. You line up your current time zone with the hour hand and it will tell you the times in 22 different locations. What’s more, the time zones are historically accurate to the ones that would have been there in the ‘70s. The domed acrylic crystal is also accurate to the Model 41.

Timex World Time 1972 Reissue 3
Photo: Timex

One of the best aspects of these Timex reissues is that they’re incredibly affordable. The World Time 1972 Reissue is available now for just $179.