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This Special Edition Time Fast II Chrome Clock from L’Epée 1839 Is a Work of Art

LEpee 1839 Time Fast II Clock 0 Hero
Photos: L’Epée 1839

L’Epée is a Swiss luxury brand that began in 1839 with high-quality clocks and music boxes. Over the years, the company cemented itself as one of the leading examples in the industry, lauded for exceptional escapements and attention to detail. The label even went on to snag a Guinness Book World record in 1994 for building the largest clock at the time. These days, L’Epée is especially popular for contemporary and unique timepieces (the spiders are especially cool), many of which are inspired by cars and their history. That’s why this special edition Time Fast II Clock in chrome from L’Epée 1839 is the perfect addition to the brand’s lineup. This clock is a beautifully designed piece of art inspired by 1960s racing culture, and it also includes some interactive features as well.

LEpee 1839 Time Fast II Clock 1
Photo: L’Epée 1839

Like the ‘60s Testarossa and Miura, the Time Fast II Clock is honoring the chrome age of racing with a sleek chrome colorway. The aluminum clock is built on an H-chassis replica and features a three-spoke steering wheel you can use to adjust the time. Everything from the spoked wheels to the rubber tires was meticulously crafted to be as accurate to the source cars as possible. As for the display, the 8-day movement provides time via rotating discs on the engine, and there’s a perpetual 2.5hz escapement under the driver’s helmet.

LEpee 1839 Time Fast II Clock 2
Photo: L’Epée 1839

The unique interactive features of this clock are just as impressive as how it looks; you can turn the ignition key to make the V8’s pistons move realistically, use the gear shifter to switch between winding the time or the piston movement, and the whole clock is wound by moving the tires backward (just like Hot Wheels).

LEpee 1839 Time Fast II Clock 3
Photo: L’Epée 1839

The special edition L’Epée 1839 Time Fast II Clock is limited to 99 pieces priced at ~$48,500 but you can sign up for updates through L’Epée’s website.