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Grand Seiko’s New U.S. Exclusives Include the Return of the Peacock Dial

Seiko and Grand Seiko have been inundating us with new releases over the past week or two, and we can’t say we mind at all. The Sea of Clouds version of the 44GS made our jaws drop, and then the first-ever GMT addition to the Seiko 5 Sports lineup had us nostalgic about the beloved SKX. And now, once again, Grand Seiko has paired years past with modern sensibilities with four new U.S. exclusives.

The unveiling consists of two new manual-wind mechanical watches in the Elegance line and two hi-beat GMTs for the 44GS Heritage line, the latter of which features the showstopping return of the cult-favorite “peacock” dial. The green-colored GMT was already a horological masterpiece, winning the Petit Aiguille at the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, but when Grand Seiko made a limited edition version with a textured dial inspired by the feathers on a peacock, fans and critics went wild, turning the peacock dial into a cult favorite and one of the most popular Grand Seikos ever.

Limited to 500 pieces, this new peacock struts around with a deep blue hue rather than the greenish tone of the previous incarnation. Running at 36,000bph, the caliber 9S86 GMT movement features an independently-adjustable local hour hand, making it a “true” traveler’s GMT. Its hi-beat compatriot, the SBGJ227, boasts a vertically-lined green dial inspired by the bamboo garden at the Nezu Museum in Tokyo. Additionally, the two Elegance watches consist of the SBGK015, limited to 250, whose light blue dial is reminiscent of the clear waters inside the Ryūsendō Cave, and the SBGK017, which has a black dial that looks just like Nanbu tekki ironware. The two manual timepieces are each housed in a 39mm stainless steel case and feature a small-seconds display and a power reserve indicator. The sportier GMTs feature a more angular 40mm case and are sold on a three-link stainless steel bracelet.

The two GMTs are available via Grand Seiko’s website for $6,800, while the blue Ryūsendō watch sells for $8,900 and the Nanbu tekki for $7,500.

Purchase: $6,800+

Photo: Grand Seiko

Photo: Grand Seiko