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G-SHOCK Finally Adds All Gold 2100 to Its Full Metal Series

GSHOCK GM B2100GD 9A 0 Hero
Photo: Casio G-SHOCK

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Since it debuted in 1983, G-SHOCK has always been willing to evolve its watches with new materials and designs while still keeping its iconic identity in the process. The Casio brand has maintained its cultural impact for 40 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Guided by the spirit of the original DW5000C (the first-ever G-SHOCK), the GA-2100 has been a huge hit with the label’s fans since its introduction in 2019. It had a minimalist design and structure that opened up a whole new aesthetic for the brand.

Photo: Casio G-SHOCK

In 2021, G-SHOCK added a stainless steel bezel with the introduction of the metal covered GM-2100, and then last year, much to the delight of the brand’s diehards, it debuted the Full Metal GMB2100 series, which extended that metal material to the entire case, introduced a screw-lock case back and bracelets as well — a completely new structure from the metal covered GM2100 plus a whole new set of added tech features. However, as magnificent as these new pieces were, and still are, there had yet to be a yellow gold version. That is, until now. 

Photo: Casio G-SHOCK

Also known as the GMB2100GD-9A, this yellow gold Full Metal 2100 is contrasted beautifully with the black grind-mark-finished analog-digital dial with Super Illuminator for low-light visibility. The yellow gold is an ion plating that coats the stainless steel case, bezel, and bracelet material, which is then given a circular hairline treatment and mirror polishing for an extra luxurious feel. Despite appearing like a dress watch, this solar-powered G-SHOCK still abides by the brand’s tenets of durability, with 200m of water resistance and substantial shock resistance. It also features Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone.

Photo: Casio G-SHOCK

At $600, the yellow gold Full Metal GMB2100GD-9A is worth every penny. It’s available now from the G-SHOCK’s website.