VTOPIA Design Crafts an Ultra-Sharp All-Carbon Fiber Vyrus Bodywork Kit

Photos: Mattia Negrini Fotografo

Founded in 2001 in Cerasolo, Italy, Vyrus is a boutique high-performance motorcycle brand that produces ultra-high-end and ridiculously sharp-looking two-wheeled exotics powered by Ducati engines. And despite the already extremely exclusive and elite nature of Vyrus’ bikes, fellow Italian outfit VTOPIA Design has recently opted to take Vyrus’ hub-center-steered flagship range and bestow it with an even sleeker and more exotic kit known as the AG-SYS.

Born out of an amalgamation of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing, the AG-SYS Kit sees the high-dollar donor’s suite of bodywork jettisoned in favor of all-new, even-sharper items with an angular and aggressive monocoque one-piece front fairing, custom intakes, a matching belly pan, a front fender, and an ultra-waspish suspended tail section — all of which are crafted from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber was even used to make the kit’s handlebars and license plate bracket.

Helping to support the new polygonal bodywork design, the donor’s chassis has also been treated to bespoke CNC-machined front and rear frames, as well as a CNC-machined adjustable steering plate. Additional major revisions to the Vyrus include a custom seat set atop a 3D laser-printed nylon-carbon fiber subframe and a completely handmade, full-titanium exhaust system that was designed by VTOPIA and produced by Italy’s SPARK Exhaust. Rounding out the kit is a redesigned dash with a Motogadget Motoscope Pro instrumentation unit, a custom battery box, and a new, relocated aluminum fuel cell.

Produced in extremely limited numbers, the VTOPIA Design AG-SYS Kit is compatible with Vyrus’ 984, 985, and 987 models. Available now in woven or forged carbon fiber constructions, the AG-SYS Kit starts at €19,700 (~$22,300).

Purchase: $22,300+

Photo: Mattia Negrini Fotografo
Photo: Mattia Negrini Fotografo
Photo: Mattia Negrini Fotografo