VIVE’s Flow VR Glasses Puts Your Personal Serenity First and Foremost

With the modern age proving to be so stressfully tumultuous, some additional R&R is always nice to envision. While it’s great to daydream, some companies hope to push these visions closer to reality, and VIVE is a name that seems to be running off with that baton. Thanks to their Flow VR Glasses, users can find peace in the fact that they can immerse themselves in sheer serenity wherever they go.

With an incredibly inconspicuous makeup, VIVE’s take on virtual reality weighs in at less than a half-a-pound and looks to serve as a pair of literal glasses far more than your standard headset. As a result of their dual-hinge fit design, these are easy to throw on and off of various head shapes, all the while remaining immensely comfortable. Bolstered by an internal active cooling system, the glasses vent heat out of their eye chamber, providing an enjoyable feel on all fronts. Tech-wise, these are just as impressive, boasting spatial audio capabilities as well as noise- and echo-canceling microphones for additional clarity. Plus, with a variety of ASMR sounds and scenescapes, the implemented spatial audio is sure to come in handy. Meanwhile, its adjustable diopter lenses may be important as any other aspect, allowing users to lock in for an ideal view. With the seamless ability to be controlled via smartphone, they are capable of working with a wide array of Android-powered phones, do lack the ability to cooperate with any iOS device for the time being.

VIVE’s wellness-oriented virtual-reality glasses are sure to serve as an intermittent vacation whenever necessary, and with the Flow VR Glasses’ price tag of $499, you are sure to get your money’s worth with every virtual visit.

Purchase: $499

Photo: VIVE