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St. George Celebrates 40 Years of Spirits Innovation with a Limited-Edition Single Malt Whiskey

Photo: St. George Spirits

In 1982, when St. George Spirits first opened its doors in Northern California, “craft distillery” was simply not something part of the mainstream consciousness, let alone any distillery that specialized in more than one type of liquor. Over those 40 years, however, the Bay Area staple has continued to think outside the box and truly innovate the craft spirits space, with products such as Green Chile Vodka, the forest-inspired Terroir Gin, the first American absinthe available since its 1912 ban, and its first flagship product, Single Malt Whiskey.

First debuting in 2000, St. George Single Malt Whiskey — one of the first American single malts on the market — is now getting a new limited-edition variation to celebrate the distillery’s four decades of spirit-making history. The 40th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Whiskey comes from a batch of 14 barrels that were vetted from a larger batch of over 600.

Ranging from 4 years old to “one of the earliest casks the distillery ever laid down,” the small batch features some exquisite casks such as California Suatarnes barrels and in-house umeshu barrels that are typically used for St. George’s Japanese-inspired Baller Single Malt Whiskey.

Released in a limited run of just 1,982 bottles, St. George’s 40th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Whiskey is debuting November 12 and will retail for $500.