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This British Whiskey Includes a Hefty Dose of American Rye

There are many unique whiskey styles around the world, from the bourbons and ryes of America to the acclaimed scotches of Scotland and whiskies of Japan. But what if you’re looking for something that mixes the whiskey styles of two different regions? Well, a new release from a British distillery may have just what you’re looking for.

Surrey’s Silent Pool Distillery, which is arguably best known for its gin, is releasing a new bottle of the brown stuff that blends British whiskey with American rye to create something truly unique. Dubbed Woodcutter’s Daughter and referred to as a “Transatlantic Rye Whiskey,” the new spirit blends American rye with an “artisanal British twist.” According to the brand, the addition of British whiskey to the mix maintains the rye’s trademark spiciness but makes it more palatable as a neat-sipping whiskey.

The palette for the hooch is rather interesting, with Silent Pool calling out notes of coconut, fresh hay, spice, cola, butter, and most prominently, pepper. If you think that sounds pretty adventurous, that is indeed the point, as the blend was made as a tribute to the “courageous spirit of the Woodcutter’s Daughter” — a legendary figure who supposedly drowned in Surrey’s actual Silent Pool long ago while retreating from the advances of a pushy prince.

Bottled at 46% ABV (92 proof), Woodcutter’s Daughter Transatlantic Rye Whiskey is limited to 1,000 bottles and is priced at £65.00 (~$80). It’s available to pre-order now on Silent Pool Distillery’s website and is expected to be released on Aug. 1.

Purchase: $80