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The Guinness MicroDraught 2.0 Lets You Achieve the Perfect Pour at Home

Guinness MicroDraught 2 Red Dot Design Award 0 Hero
Photo: Guinness | Dolmen | Red Dot Design

There’s a reason why beer drinkers all over the globe prefer their ale out of a tap rather than a can. This is doubly true for the millions of Guinness purists, who have likely attempted the famed “two-part pour” at home (essentially, the belief is that the nitrogen stout tastes better if you pour ¾ of the beer first and then wait two minutes to pour the rest). Well, the Irish beer brand has come out with a handy device that does the work for you, and it’s just won a Red Dot Design Award.

Guinness MicroDraught 2 Red Dot Design Award 1
Photo: Guinness | Dolmen | Red Dot Design

Back in 2021, Guinness unveiled an earth-shattering new innovation called MicroDraught, a mechanical system that precludes the need for gas canisters by doing the two-part pour for you. MicroDraught became the first-ever beer dispenser to win a Red Dot Award, and its follow-up has raised the proverbial bar even further. 

Guinness MicroDraught 2 Red Dot Design Award 2
Photo: Guinness | Dolmen | Red Dot Design

Collaborating once again with design firm Dolmen, Guinness made the MicroDraught 2.0, which functions as a pull-and-pour valve that utilizes pulsed ultrasonic technology to release precision nitrogen bubbles for the perfect pour. This new device not only uses 30% less power but is more cost-effective than its progenitor (which is currently listed for over $900 from the brewery’s website) thanks to the fact that it has 60% fewer components and no longer needs certain electromechanical parts. What’s more, the device is super compact so it can easily fit in any bar or home bar.

Each year, tens of thousands compete in hopes to become one of the few to win the coveted Red Dot Design Award — the preeminent annual recognition for innovation and design. Impressively, Guinness and Dolmen have now won four of these in tandem, and one can only speculate on what’s to come in future years. Head over to Red Dot’s website to learn more.