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Grand Marnier Debuts an Ultra-Premium $3,500 Expression

Grand Marnier has been an institution in the premium liquor space since 1880. The French brand of liqueurs has maintained a dominant position in its market due to its delectably sweet and complex flavor profile. While it is mainly known for its iconic Cordon Rouge, it has a variety of higher-end offerings among its Cuvées. Looking to add an ultra-premium offering to its already stout lineup, Grand Marnier is releasing an opulent Grand Cuvée: Quintessence.

Part of its new and aptly named Exceptional Range, Quintessence has received such a prestigious moniker because it is meant to reflect the elite artisanship of the French Maison. Though simple in concept, Quintessence represents the beauty and potential of how implementing the highest-quality ingredients through exceptional execution can yield a masterpiece.

At its core, Quintessence is merely an aged combination of Cognac, orange essence, and oak casks, but the rarity and quality of the spirit used, the double distillation process through which it goes, and the craftsmanship behind it all combine to make it truly remarkable. Quintessence blends the rarest and oldest hors d’âge Cognacs with macerated Bigaradia orange peels — the same rare citrus used in the brand’s original 1880 recipe — and puts them through a rigorous double-distillation process that intensifies the flavors. The result is an amber ambrosia with a palate that features notes of dried apricot, walnut, and warm vanilla.

As if this spectacular liqueur weren’t enough, it is housed in an exquisite handmade Baccarat decanter that draws inspiration from the design of the original Grand Marnier bottle from the 1880s. Given its rarity and excellence, Quintessence is limited to 1,000 bottles and retails for $3,500. It will be available for purchase in late February.

Purchase: $3,500