UPS’s Be Unstoppable Collection Benefits Black Designers

The United Parcel Service is one of the more well-known companies throughout the U.S., with its brown delivery trucks having a presence on the road in virtually every town and city in the nation at any given time. Well, to the surprise of many, UPS is now looking to deliver something entirely different with its Be Unstoppable collection of stylish apparel and gear.

It may be an understatement when we say there is a wide variety of products to choose from in this interesting capsule. Whether you’re in the market for a new hat, a chic backpack, or a UPS-branded vacuum-insulated water bottle, the collection is here to adhere to your every need. Additionally, it features a pair of graphic tees, a satin-finished sling bag, and even a wallet-sized 14-in-1 multitool, the latter of which is equipped with a can-opener, 4-position wrench, screwdriver, saw blade, and more.

To little surprise, this is the very first collection from UPS to debut at New York Fashion Week, where it served as an official partner of the annual event. The array of gear and garments garners inspiration from “small businesses and their drive to Be Unstoppable,” while the sale of the collection will go to a worthy cause rather than into the pockets of UPS executives. UPS will be donating the entirety of its proceeds to IN THE BLK, a non-profit dedicated to assisting black designers in building a steady foundation of solidarity and economic independence within the world of fashion.

If you’re interested in picking up any of this rather random but surprisingly cool collection, each of the limited-edition pieces is available now starting from $28 on the line’s dedicated website.

Purchase: $28+