The 33 Coolest Pop Culture LEGO Sets and Minifigures

Dec 4, 2019

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Since 1949, LEGO building blocks have provided kids with countless hours of playtime. Hell, it’s provided us as adults with nonstop entertainment as well. LEGOs are one of the few toys you never really grow out of. In fact, as grown men, we find that we have more of an appreciation for the building blocks than we did when we were young.

The toy maker has teamed up with plenty of our favorite movie franchises to create some really amazing pop culture LEGO sets, but with the introduction of CUUSOO back in 2008, the brand has been working on creating sets that the fans truly want to see. Think of CUUSOO as a Kickstarter for LEGO sets. Basically someone comes up with a concept and initial design, places it onto the website, and once the project receives 10,000 pledges of support through our peers, the set is reviewed by the LEGO team for potential production. Not only do you get to see your dream to become a reality through the CUUSOO platform, but the designer also gets a nice paycheck as well (1% of net sales). Seeing how much we love LEGO, we decided to scour the web (and CUUSOO) for the best pop culture LEGO kits, both in existence, and ones that we’d like to see become a reality. From single minifigures to entire Star Wars sets, we left no stone unturned. Check out our list of the 33 coolest pop culture LEGO sets and minifigures below.

LEGO Daft Punk Minifigures

1. LEGO Daft Punk Minifigures

LEGO enthusiast Jake Meier decided to take the popular French music duo, and transform them into a set of brick minifigs complete with their turntable. [Details]

LEGO Jurassic Park Set

2. LEGO Jurassic Park Set

As little boys, the only thing we loved as much as LEGOs was dinosaurs, and Jurassic Park was the holy grail. The Steven Spielberg directed film from 1993 has been recreated in all its glory in this playful set, a set that wouldn’t be complete without a menacing T-Rex of course. [Details]

LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer

3. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer

One of the biggest Star Wars LEGO sets on the market, this Super Star Destroyer replica consists of 3,000 pieces, measures in at 50 inches long, and weighs in at just under 8 pouds. It also includes 5 different minifigures as well. [Purchase]

LEGO Knight Rider Set

4. LEGO Knight Rider Set

This particular project was designed by Stanley-Efu, and includes Michael Knight, Devon Miles, and the iconic black Pontiac Trans Am we all know and love – KITT. [Details]

LEGO Monty Python and the Holy Grail Set

5. LEGO Monty Python and the Holy Grail Set

As funny as this set looks, it appears to be nothing more than a parody – an awesome one at that. Taking many of our favorite scenes from the classic 1975 comedy, these LEGO box covers are nothing short of pure gold. [Details]

Breaking Bad LEGO Superlab Set

6. Breaking Bad LEGO Superlab Set

Breaking Bad was quite possibly the greatest television show of all time, so it only seems right that there would be a LEGO set built after the series. Only problem is that we can’t see LEGO putting out a meth lab. Thankfully the team at Citizen Brick didn’t have a problem with it, and created this super lab set modeled after the same one Gus built specifically for Walt (and Jesse of course). There’s also a nice little Mike Ehrmantraut minifig as well. Unfortunately no Jesse though. [Details]

The Goonies 30th Anniversary LEGO Set

7. The Goonies 30th Anniversary LEGO Set

It’s still hard to believe that the Goonies will be turning 30 years old in 2015. There are few ‘80s kids movies that rival the popularity of this classic film. Chunk, Sloth, Mikey, Data and Mouth are all represented in this toy set. [Details]

Modular Apple Store LEGO Set

8. Modular Apple Store LEGO Set

When it comes to brands, there are few more popular than Apple (particularly with the younger generation), and we’re all familiar with their ultra busy retail stores scattered throughout the globe. How awesome would it be for the folks at LEGO to recreate these Apple stores, right down to the spiral glass staircase? [Details]

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

9. LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

One of the most recognizable vehicles on the road, the 1962 Volkswagens Camper Van has gone on to become a pop culture icon over the years. Paying homage to the van, LEGO decided to build this beautiful replica, and included all kinds of details from the folding dinette table to the opening ‘splittie’ safari windshield. [Purchase]

The Muppets LEGO Set

10. The Muppets LEGO Set

The Muppet Show is another one of those things we never really grew out of. How could you not love Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Kermit? A lot of the Jim Henson gang is present in this set, and while it did get plenty of buzz, it didn’t hit the 10,000 supporters goal.

Tron LEGO Lightcycle

11. Tron LEGO Lightcycle

Tron has always been one of our favorite films, so it’s no surprise that this amazing lightcycle made the list. Since we all can’t afford the $55,000 price tag for a real lightcycle, this serves as a nice alternative. [Details]

Street Fighter LEGO Minifigures

12. Street Fighter LEGO Minifigures

The greatest fighting game of all time (although we do love ourselves some Mortal Kombat as well) gets the official minifig treatment. This highly detailed set was created by LEGO builder Julian Fong to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Street Fighter. The project got rejected on LEGO CUUSOO due to the content not being appropriate for LEGO. [Details]

Ron Burgundy LEGO Minifgure

13. Ron Burgundy LEGO Minifgure

Anchorman is a classic film, and with the sequel set to hit theaters this Christmas, there was no way this unofficial minifig wasn’t making the list. A great stocking stuffer for the holiday season – it’s kind of a big deal. [Purchase]

The Dark Knight Rises LEGO Minifigures

14. The Dark Knight Rises LEGO Minifigures

The Dark Knight trilogy may be over (Ben Affleck is up next), but that doesn’t mean the Christopher Nolan chapter can’t live on in the form of LEGO minifgis. This officially licensed LEGO collection includes several different versions of Batman along with our favorite villain from the films – Bane. [Purchase]

LEGO Architecture Studio

15. LEGO Architecture Studio

After having a ton of success with their LEGO Architecture line, the folks at LEGO teamed up with with leading architects to design the creative Architecture Studio set. It comes with 1,210 white and transparent bricks, several different sorting trays, and a 272 page guidebook for inspiration. The whole point is to encourage aspiring architects to create their own masterpieces. [Purchase]

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

16. LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Another solid release from the ongoing Star Wars and LEGO collaboration, this Death Star replica comes with a whopping 25 minifgures including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2, and a whole lot more. [Purchase]

LEGO Batmobile Tumbler

17. LEGO Batmobile Tumbler

The Tumbler is one of the coolest Batmobiles to ever appear on the big screen, and builder Brent Waller decided to transform it into a LEGO set. The Tumbler recently passed the 10,000 supporter mark, and is currently under review by the team at LEGO CUUSOO. There’s a good chance this one could be hitting the retail scene soon. [Details]

Land-Rover LEGO Defender 110

18. Land-Rover LEGO Defender 110

Our favorite all-terrain vehicle has been made into a highly detailed, radio controlled LEGO model complete with RWD and AWD modes, 5+R speeds sequential gearbox with auto clutch, and all wheel disc brakes. This is another project that recently surpassed the 10,000 supporter mark on CUUSOO as well. [Details]

The Legend of Zelda LEGO Set

19. The Legend of Zelda LEGO Set

This would have been quite an awesome set for gamers like ourselves, and while it did reach the 10k milestone, it did not get approved for production during the review process. The LEGO team explained that the molds needed to create the detailed minifigs would be too expensive. Hopefully with some iteration, we will see a Zelda set in the future. [Details]

Man of Steel LEGO Set

20. Man of Steel LEGO Set

After finally putting together a solid Superman remake this past year, it only seems fitting that the Man of Steel get his very own, officially licensed LEGO set. [Purchase]

The A-Team LEGO Set

21. The A-Team LEGO Set

The classic GMC Vandura driven by the A-Team has been recreated perfectly by LEGO builder Ralph. While this isn’t an officially licensed set (and has yet to appear on CUUSOO), it is amazing never the less. [Details]

LEGO Lord of the Rings- Tower of Orthanc

22. LEGO Lord of the Rings: Tower of Orthanc

Saruman’s massive tower has come to life in the world of LEGO. Consisting of nearly 2,400 pieces, and measuring in at 28 inches tall this officially licensed LOTR set features six different floors and five minifigures including the wizards Gandalf and Saruman. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead LEGO Minifigures

23. The Walking Dead LEGO Minifigures

We are hoping that some day LEGO will team up with the folks at The Walking Dead to make an official collection, but we just don’t see it happening based on projects like Street Fighter and Shaun of the Dead being turned down. Thankfully Citizen Brick lets people create their own minifigs, and Michigan based miniBIGS created this set that includes Rick Grimes, the Governer, Glenn, and of course – a flesh eating zombie. [Purchase]

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minifigures

24. LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minifigures

With the Ninja Turtles set to return to the big screen next year (courtesy of Michael Bay), you can expect a ton of new merchandise to start hitting the retail scene in the coming months to help promote the film. LEGO put out an officially licensed set that includes all four of our favorite crime fighting turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello), along with some of our favorite villains as well. [Purchase]


25. E.T. LEGO Set

E.T. was not only one of Steven Spielberg’s greatest films, but one of the greatest films of all time. The 1982 classic has gone on to become a pop culture phenomenon, and this 575 piece, fan made set dedicated to Elliot, Michael and Gertie is just right. Although the project has received a ton of buzz (through social media), it hasn’t really gained a ton of traction when it comes to supporters. [Details]

Shaun of the Dead Zombie LEGO Set

26. Shaun of the Dead Zombie LEGO Set

LEGO builder Yatkuu tapped the popularity of the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost zombie comedy film to create this post-apocalyptic set. The project did receive enough supporters, but was turned down by LEGO due to the fact that the content is not appropriate for their core audience. It’s still awesome looking. [Details]

Marvels The Avengers LEGO Set

27. Marvel’s The Avengers LEGO Set

You didn’t think we’d leave Marvel fans hanging did you? Especially considering we’re partial to the universe Stan Lee created. The Avengers have become bigger than Lee ever imagined within pop culture thanks to one massive box office success after another. The set features the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and many more. [Purchase]

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

28. LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

We saw concepts and one-off DeLorean’s popping up for years, and this past year LEGO decided to team up with Back to the Future after a successful CUUSOO run, and this thing has been a huge hit. In addition to the time traveling DMC, you also get Marty McFly alongside Dr. Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown in the form of minifigs. [Purchase]

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

29. LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village Set

Let’s be real for a second – we could have probably created this entire list using nothing but Star Wars collaborations. There are literally that many awesome Star Wars LEGO sets out there, but we kept it to our 3 favorites. This 2,000 piece set modeled after the forest moon of Endor is the latest and greatest from the partnership, and just hit the retail scene in September. You also get 17 minifigures with this one including Luka, Leia, and plenty of droids. The best part is the speeder bike, complete with stormtrooper ready to crash. [Purchase]

LEGO Game of the Thrones Minifigures

30. LEGO Game of the Thrones Minifigures

Game of Thrones is our favorite current show on TV, considering Breaking Bad officially ended earlier this year. While it is possible that LEGO could someday team up for an officially licensed set, we will have to settle for this custom 5-piece set from miniBIGS. Sure it’s not official, but Eddard and Arya Stark, John Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen all look great. [Details]

Dexter LEGO Minifigure

31. Dexter LEGO Minifigure

Although Dexter ended quite horribly, it was still a good show overall (especially the first four seasons), and Dexter himself was one of the coolest TV characters ever. Limited to just 200 pieces, this Citizen Brick painted minifig by miniBIGS is modeled after everyone’s favorite serial killer, complete with Dexter’s trusty syringe. [Purchase]

LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters

32. LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters

There is currently a smaller Ghostbusters set on CUUSOO, but nothing rivals Orion Pax’s creation. Modeled after the headquarters used int the 1984 classic film, this set includes several minifigures along with the Ecto-1 parked in the garage. [Details]

LEGO Minecraft Set 2

33. LEGO Minecraft Set

One of the most heavily supported projects to ever hit the CUUSOO platform, LEGO literally just got this into retail for the holiday season. Based on the fastest growing online game in 2012, there are a handful of sets to choose from, all of which will keep you busy for hours on end. [Purchase]

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