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Xbox x Porsche Celebrate 75 Years of Porsche with Special Edition Xboxes

Xbox x Porsche 75th Anniverary Xboxes 0 Hero
Photos: Porsche and Microsoft

Seventy-five years ago, Ferdinand Porsche started his marque that would go on to define generations and continues to inspire new designs and cars to this day. Not only are the label’s cars iconic, but so are many of the liveries among the ones that brought home wins at the Le Mans. Although Xbox isn’t the first collaborator that comes to mind when you think of Porsche, these iconic cars are featured in many classic titles like Forza and Gran Turismo. So it’s safe to say that the two aren’t complete strangers, but that doesn’t make the special edition Xboxes the duo are dropping any less exciting. In celebration of Porsche’s seventy-fifth anniversary, Xbox and Porsche are releasing seventy-five limited edition Xboxes (and controllers) based on Porsche liveries.

Xbox x Porsche 75th Anniverary Xboxes 1
Photo: Porsche and Microsoft

The Porsche 963 colorway is the main 75th-anniversary version of these Xboxes and is based on the livery seen at the most recent 24 Hours of Le Mans Centenary. Next, we have the red “Salzburg” colorway inspired by the Porsche 917K, which snagged Porsche’s first Le Mans win in 1970, and the “Hippie,” which has a funky blue/green colorway. We also have the “Pink Pig” edition, a 1971 Le Mans winner with a unique pink livery, and the 1978 “Moby Dick” colorway, featuring red and blue stripes. Lastly, there’s the 1998 911 GT1 colorway, based on another Le Mans winner with style.

Xbox x Porsche 75th Anniverary Xboxes 2
Photo: Porsche and Microsoft

All six of these liveries are iconic choices from Porsche’s storied history, and the company has commented on how difficult it was to narrow them down. But gearheads and gamers alike are sure to appreciate these unique Xboxes.

Xbox x Porsche 75th Anniverary Xboxes 3
Photo: Porsche and Microsoft

Seventy-five of these limited-edition Xbox x Porsche consoles are available only through online sweepstakes, which are ending at the beginning of October. Additionally, they won’t be available for retail and are only coming to the US, UK, and Germany.