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Work Louder’s Nomad [E] Keyboard was Purpose-Built for Digital Creators

Work Louder Nomad E Keyboard 0 Hero
Photos: Work Louder

Since the early days of the internet, fans of niche technology have been able to congregate and share the excitement. One such niche – mechanical and modular keyboards – has seen a noticeable rise in popularity among tech fans over the last decade. These are highly customizable keyboards that are lauded for their responsiveness and clicking noises (trust me, it gets deep). Montreal-based electronics company Work Louder, started by Mike Di Genova and Mattia Caramel (the guy from the internet), is definitely a part of this community, with the modular Creator Board and Creator Micro being popular keyboards among fans in the space. Hoping to break into a more mainstream crowd, the Work Louder Nomad [E] Keyboard has a sleek and simple design fit for die-hard keyboard fans or an average work day.

Work Louder Nomad E Keyboard 1
Photo: Work Louder

With the goal of only including purpose-driven features, the Nomad [E] Keyboard has custom caps and hot-swap switches, so it can be customized to your preferences. The keys can be further customized with a key map configurator, so you can make your own shortcuts or use one from another Nomad [E] user. Multiple languages will also be available at launch, with more on the way. Inside there’s a Dual Core 32-bit processor and 16 MB of onboard memory, along with Bluetooth connectivity for up to 3 devices.

Work Louder Nomad E Keyboard 2
Photo: Work Louder

What really makes this keyboard special is the included display, which comes loaded with three widgets: a Pomodoro Timer (a method to help with focus), a Tamagotchi-esque virtual pet, and a classic clock. Additionally, Work Louder is allowing third-party developers to submit widgets that everyone can enjoy.

Work Louder Nomad E Keyboard 3
Photo: Work Louder

The Work Louder Nomad [E] Keyboard is on Kickstarter and has already reached its backing goal (and then some). The keyboard will be available in graphite, chalk, atomic, and atomic purple – thanks to a Kickstarter goal – for $379, and the project will be complete on June 24th, with shipping to begin in January 2024.