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Ultimate Ears’ UE Drops Earbuds Are Molded to Your Ears for the Perfect Fit

Finding a good pair of earbuds seems easy on the surface, but how can you know without testing them before you buy? While top-notch sound quality and various listening modes might be enough to sell you on some new buds, you should never overlook how well they fit. And thanks to Ultimate Ears’ latest release, the UE Drops, there’s no need to worry about an uncomfortable listen.

The unique earphones make use of the manufacturer’s proprietary fitting process. It all starts as soon as you place an order for the UE Drops, as Ultimate Ears will send its signature FitKit to your door. Once you partake in the at-home molding procedure, it will take 3-4 weeks to receive a pair of bespoke earphones that flawlessly fit in your ear. This custom-fit makes a major difference when it comes to your listening experience, as it manages to create a seal around your ear and block external noise.

While its one-of-a-kind composition is the main draw, there’s much more to this new release. As far as audial features are concerned, the Drops aren’t your run-of-the-mill in-ears. The new buds boast up to 22 hours of battery life, are equipped with Siri/Google voice assistance, and feature a Transparency Mode to help you account for your surroundings. You can also utilize the Ultimate Ears app to customize the sound profile to your liking.

If you’re tired of earbuds falling out of your ears all the time, this new set from Ultimate Ears is your best bet. The UE Drops are available on the audio manufacturer’s online store now for $449.

Purchase: $449