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Technics’ SL-100C Turntable Boasts High-End Elements for a Lower Price

Technics sits in the pantheon of influential audio manufacturers, having had an integral role in changing the disk jockey space dating back to the early ‘70s. Decades removes, the Japanese brand is still unveiling premier DJ equipment, but its newly-unveiled SL-100C will operate just as well as a listening device.

The audiophile-grade turntable boasts a cordless direct drive motor that grants a stable rotation and a high-precision aluminum tonearm, a pair of symbolic elements that typically appear on Technics’ record players. Compositionally, it has a two-layer chassis with optimized vibration-camping performance to prevent any bumps and hiccups from interrupting your listening experience. All things considered, this will bode in any DJ booth or living room.

The SL-100C uses an Audio-Technica CM95C as its pickup cartridge, resulting in layers of sonic versatility that meet the needs of every listener. This stylus paves the way for precise retrieval in every record’s grooves while being relayed to you with hi-fi capabilities. As an added touch, you can enable the automatic tonearm to lift at the end of every record’s groove, ultimately lessening the needle’s wear-and-tear.

As we said earlier, Technics implemented several high-end features here; however, affordability is the critical difference between this option and its predecessor, the SL-1500C ($1,500). Technics’ SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable will be available on August 19 for $1,000.

Purchase: $1,000

Photo: Technics