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Sol Reader’s E-Ink VR Headset is Designed For Hands-Free Reading

Sol Reader Glasses 0 Hero
Photos: Sol

With the rapid pace that technology is advancing, many of our pastimes are receiving innovative updates. Whether it’s reading or watching TV, companies are looking for ways to take things to the next level with advancements in virtual reality and portability. E-readers are a great example of this because they take a classic format and redefine how we interact with it. While there’s some give and take (and mixed reactions regarding these advancements), there’s no denying the accessibility, storage capacity, and portability that products like the Kindle have brought to the table. The reading technology company Sol has dedicated itself to building not just an e-reader, but glasses that take cues from both e-readers and VR: The Sol Reader, which the label built to help make reading more immersive and block distractions.

Sol Reader Glasses 1
Photo: Sol

These glasses have two 1.3in, 256×256 e-ink displays in the lenses, which are lit from the sides via LEDs. The ambient light is monitored by a light sensor that automatically adjusts the glasses’ light based on the information. There’s also a moldable silicon nose which makes long reading sessions more comfortable. Through the app, you can utilize the 64MB of storage to upload your books, and the (up to) 25 hours of battery life should provide plenty of reading time in between charges.

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Photo: Sol

Also included with the glasses is the Bluetooth remote that you can use to navigate through the user interface and a charging cable. Additionally, the Sol Reader comes in four colors, including black, silver, rose gold, and dark blue. While these aren’t technically VR goggles or smart glasses, it’s cool to see a purpose-driven design that utilizes the tech from them.

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Photo: Sol

The Sol Reader is available to pre-order now (though you’ll have to join the waiting list) for $350, with shipping scheduled to commence this fall.