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Samsung’s 55-Inch Odyssey Ark Monitor Spins 90 Degrees for Vertical Viewing

Photo: Samsung

While curved televisions haven’t caught on quite as much as many tech companies hoped for, curved monitors for computers and laptops most certainly have. Popularized primarily by the online gaming population, curved monitors have become the gold standard for gaming as their curvature lends for a more immersive experience. In particular, Samsung’s Odyssey line of monitors includes some of the most popular monitors on the market due to their incredible definition and size. Now, the Korean-based tech giant seeks to further its dominance with the release of its massive new monitor, the Odyssey Ark.

Measuring in at a whopping 55 inches, the Odyssey Ark is Samsung’s largest curved monitor. That said, its size alone isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about it. For starters, another major innovation that Samsung included in the monitor’s design was its capability to have either a horizontal or vertical orientation. While simple in concept, this new feature allows for a completely new level of immersion for the viewer. Moreover, being able to rotate the screen vertically also makes the Odyssey Ark a versatile offering for those working in design-heavy industries such as advertising, graphic arts, and marketing. Even if you aren’t in those industries, the cutting-edge display enables you to have more immersive experiences for any digital activity from video chatting, to playing games, to streaming. Other noteworthy tech specifications for the Odyssey Ark include 1000R curvature, 4K resolution, and a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, which is a departure from the 32:9 aspect ratio of the Odyssey Neo G9.

Samsung hasn’t released much information as to when the Odyssey Ark will release or its intended market, but the versatility and brilliant quantum dot technology it brings to the table will make it a welcomed addition to any workstation or gaming setup it graces.

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Photo: Samsung