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Pro-Ject’s E1 Turntable Provides Signature Sound at an Affordable Price

As one of the leaders in hi-fi audio equipment, Pro-Ject’s products tend to be a bit pricey — and, more often than not, the cost is warranted. But now, getting your hands on one of the manufacturer’s sleek turntables has gotten considerably easier thanks to its new accessibly-priced E1 models.

Pro-Ject sticks to its signature design language with this new release, implementing a sub-platter design that consists of a synthetic platter sitting atop a belt-driven sub-platter. While this looks easy on the eyes, it provides an unrivaled audial prowess, too, shedding any additional noise and unwanted vibration during playback.

The E1 turntable comes available in three distinct options: one with an internal phono pre-amp, a lesser option with nothing built-in, as well as a maxed-out, contemporary version with seamless Bluetooth connectivity. So whether you already have an amp, or would like to connect directly to a portable speaker, Pro-Ject looks to make it easy on you by giving you options. The handmade turntable is rounded out with a gorgeous finish of either gloss black, gloss white, or satin walnut.

This new release from Pro-Ject is far from entry-level, and it’s bound to serve as an audiophile-approved upgrade to your average listening experience. You can pick up Pro-Ject’s E1 turntable today from the brand’s online shop, starting from $349 for the standard option.

Purchase: $349+

Photo: Pro-Ject
Photo: Pro-Ject
Photo: Pro-Ject