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Pro-Ject’s New Debut PRO S Turntable Adds a New Level of Customization

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with listening to music on vinyl. However, the one constant among all audiophiles is the interaction that takes place between you and the music. You have to physically choose an album, remove it from the sleeve, and place it on the turntable. And while automatic record players shouldn’t be frowned upon, a manual device makes playing music even more intimate and deliberate.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is one of the most beloved turntable brands in the industry for its dedication to all types of audiophiles as well as all aspects of the listening experience. The Debut PRO is one of its flagship vinyl players for how it takes the entry-level Debut Carbon EVO and equips it with features from mid-level and high-end machines. Now, the Debut has gotten another tier with the manual PRO S. The 8.6” aluminum tonearm is upped to 10”, plated with nickel, and given an S-curve — a first for the company — which offers premium dampening and optimizes groove tracking for more precision.

The longer arm length also increases its weight, allowing it to accommodate heavier phono cartridges, which can now be swapped out along with the headshell for more dynamic audio profiles. Likewise, the azimuth and vertical tracking angle can both be adjusted, while the CNC-milled bearing block increases the resolution. The PRO S can also play 78s with the supplied round belt.

If Pro-Ject’s turntable range was already perfect for the impassioned audiophile, the Debut PRO S adds a new standard of curation and experimenting with both sound and experience. Available soon, the record player is set to go for $1,199.

Purchase: $1,199

Photo: Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Photo: Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Photo: Pro-Ject Audio Systems