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Porsche Transforms GT3 Exhaust Pipes Into A High-End Soundbar

Photo: Porsche Design

It would be impressive enough to have an exhaust system from a high-end sportscar mounted on your wall. But what if that exhaust system were capable of surround sound audio directly from your television? Porsche Design has repurposed pipes in the past as soundbars with subwoofer extensions, but its newest product takes things to new heights.

Taken from a Porsche 992 GT3, the 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro retains the authentic look of dual exhaust pipes that were recently stripped from their drivetrain. But before you get too excited, just know that the exhaust system itself doesn’t work as the physical speaker but is simply attached to the 2.1.2 Virtual Surround System behind it. 

Photo: Porsche Design

Fortunately, that high-end audio system is impressive in and of itself, with 300W of power, Dolby Atmos DTS-HD, and 4K-compatible connection ports. If you’d like to stream in multiple rooms, the Bluetooth 5.0-enabled unit also supports Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast and can connect with other Porsche Design sound devices.

If you want a piece of automotive history in your living room, it won’t come cheap. Limited to just 500 units, the 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro is priced at $12,000 and is available now for pre-order from Porsche Design’s website.