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PlayStation’s DualSense Edge Is Its First Customizable Controller

PlayStation has been a benchmark in the gaming world for nearly 30 years. And while its high-end consoles have set the standard for years, the brand has never gone all-in on a high-performance controller to match it. Fans of Sony’s world-famous sub-division will be delighted to learn that their time has finally come with the unveiling of the DualSense Edge.

Aside from its braided, inter-locking USB-C charger, the sleek new controller maintains the standard DualSense’s futuristic design language. However, it boasts the fine-tuned capabilities of an advanced, third-party iteration. It boasts a pair of additional toggles behind the analog sticks, which can help prevent dead zones mid-game or adjust either stick’s sensitivity.

To help tailor your gaming experience even further, you can save your control settings to your PlayStation 5 profile and switch between them as you go. Sony makes this as easy as ever thanks to its newly-implemented on-controller user interface, which allows you to adjust the volume, control profiles, and profile settings. For added customization, you can even change the stick caps.

It’s clear that this intends to serve as a direct to rival to Xbox’s Elite controller, and we’re all for it. Pricing and release information is yet to be announced, but learn more about the DualSense Edge on PlayStation’s website.

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