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Marshall’s Emberton II and Willen Speakers Can Fit Inside Your Pocket

Anyone who’s ever been to a concert or a recording studio is undoubtedly familiar with Marshall amplifiers and speakers. The cursive logo alone may conjure up memories (hazy or otherwise) of weekends at Coachella or a night at The Roxy. The British outfit has become a mainstay in the music industry since its launch in the early 1960s, and continues its perennial presence in the sphere of music and home entertainment with each new innovative release.

Now the company has unveiled two new additions to its line of high-quality portable speakers. First off, the Emberton II, an upgrade on Marshall’s ever-popular portable speaker, allows for 50% more playtime, totaling over 30 hours of listening. Straightforward in its design and functionality, this new 6.3″ model also allows for stacking if you own more than one, so you can get a bigger sound if desired. The accompanying app allows you to fine-tune your music with equalizer presets and stay current with over-the-air updates.

Marshall has also debuted the Willen, a dust- and water-resistant portable speaker that’s less than 4″ by 4″ with a 1″ depth and offers a mighty sound for its size. Made to fit inside your pocket, the Willen provides over 15 hours of usage, with a battery that charges fully in three hours. A rubber strap attached to the back allows you to mount the speaker anywhere you please, with stackable capabilities just like the Emberton II. What’s more, the Willen doubles as a phone speaker, with a built-in microphone and a button that allows you to answer or reject calls on the spot.

It’s now easier than ever to have the quality of Marshall in your very own home — let alone inside your pocket. Both speakers are Bluetooth compatible and coming soon to Marshall’s website, with the Emberton II going for $170 and the Willen for $120.

Purchase: $120+

Photo: Marshall
Photo: Marshall
Photo: Marshall