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LEGO’s 1,132-piece Mars Rover Perseverance Set Utilizes Augmented Reality

LEGO Mars Rover Perseverance Set 0 Hero
Photos: LEGO

NASA’s Mars Rover, Perseverance (or Percy), launched in July 2020, specifically to explore the Jezero crater on the red planet. Not only does it have the ability to collect samples and test them, but what makes this rover especially exciting is its mission: to find evidence of life on Mars. In its almost three years on the planet, the rover has found evidence of volcanic activity, rivers, and much more, leading experts to believe that Mars’ geography was more varied than previously thought. LEGO is no stranger to NASA builds, with multiple detailed shuttles and stations under its belt, so an official build for the Perseverance Rover was inevitable. And now it’s been announced that the LEGO Mars Rover Perseverance Set is coming out at the beginning of August, with a realistic design featuring working wheels, suspension, and even augmented reality functions.

LEGO Mars Rover Perseverance Set 1
Photo: LEGO

This 1,132-piece set is filled with realistic play features, from the working suspension to the 360-degree turning capability on the six individual wheels. Dials on the back allow builders to move the iconic arm around to collect samples, and the set even includes a replica of the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter, Ginny, that has accompanied the rover. The complete set comes in at 9 inches high, 12.5 inches long, and 9 inches wide.

LEGO Mars Rover Perseverance Set 2
Photo: LEGO

LEGO has previously honored our space rovers in the past, recently with the Curiosity rover set, but this time around, the company has made a more interactive, detailed, and realistic build that’s even compatible with AR (augmented reality) through the LEGO Technic AR app. Additionally, the building can also be assisted with the LEGO Builder app. This lets users collect samples and explore with the rover in multiple environments (just keep an eye out for Martians).

LEGO Mars Rover Perseverance Set 3
Photo: LEGO

The LEGO Mars Rover Perseverance Set is coming on August 1st and will be priced at $99.99.