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This High-Tech Fan Packs An Integrated Air Purifier, Bluetooth Speaker, & LED Light

A great many individuals enjoy sleeping with a fan going in their room, though the reality is these fans simply weren’t designed for this task and are far more efficient at generally bolstering airflow and circulation than they are at directing air over a specific area. Recognizing this reality, fledgling firm HAXSON has set out to engineer the ultimate bed heating and cooling system with what’s been christened the “Smart AirFan.”

Designed to be mounted horizontally above a headboard, the Smart AirFan is a thoroughly modern all-in-one device that boasts state-of-the-art heating and cooling system, as well as remote control functionality, Alexa compatibility, and an integrated LED light, UVC filter and air purifier, digital clock, and Bluetooth speaker. Powered by a quiet brushless DC motor, the actual fan portion of the device features ten adjustable speed settings and state-of-the-art PTC heating plates. What’s more, the fan manages to funnel 100% of wind and airflow towards its user, unlike traditional fans that reportedly waste as much as 70% of their efficiency. Inside, the system also contains a UVC filter and a HEPA H13 filter that are supplemented via a carbon filter and ionizer. The device can also be mounted vertically on a base, enabling it to be utilized in practically any room in the house.

The HAXSON Smart AirFan is currently available on Kickstarter — where it has already raised more than a dozen times its original funding goal with a full 46 days remaining — with an early bird special for as low as $199. Deliveries are expected to begin in May of 2022 and worldwide shipping is available.

Kickstarter: $199+